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Well, this Monday, I’m shooting with Janessa for the first time…wonderful gal!  🙂  I really can’t wait to get my ropes on her…I’m really psyched for this one!  🙂  Haven’t got much to say at the moment…so I’ll just say stuff with a pic.  🙂  Tomorrow will be the “Sneak Peeks”, sunday will be the “Lazy Sunday” post…and on Monday, I’ll be saying tons of GREAT stuff about Janessa and sharing a sample pic or two.  🙂


Sexy CJ Molina


UBER Sexy CJ Molina

6:26 am.  6 freaking 26 am…am I NUTS?!  😛  Helping Coyote get his Christmas decorations out of his storage shed, and he’s all about the early…lol.  😉  Ah well…I’ll get a good breakfast and dinner out of it, I guess.  🙂  Don’t really have that much to say, this early in the morning, so how about a screenshot from the soon-to-come, “Sasha Fae’s Bondage Interrogation TERROR”?  🙂


A screenshot from the soon to come, “Sasha Fae’s Interrogation Terror”

Just updated the Full Length Videos Page with another video from a recent release, “The Bad Photographer”.  🙂  Gotta say, it’s doing quite well in the sales and I’m completely happy with it!  It’s the story of a first shoot for a photographer and model…and the photographer is very unscrupulous with her.  It makes for a COOL video…I can see why it’s selling.  🙂  Check out the “Full Length Videos” page for more details.  🙂

Taking the week off to relax…I shot with Sasha Fae three times this month, and two of the shoots were two day affairs, making me have done FIVE shoots this month…I’m a bit burned out.  Nothing serious, mind you…I’ll be shooting again next Monday for my first one with Janessa, but right now, the ropes and I need a break from each other…lol.  😉  So much so that an IHOP breakfast sounds FAN-FREAKING-TASTIC…and will be doing that today.  🙂

Let’s close with a “Classic” pic from my early days…let’s see…who should I feature…

Mercedes in some killer “Secretary” Bondage!

LOVE this shot of Mercedes in bondage!  It’s one of my all time favorite shots, despite the purple rope.  🙂  Hope you all like…check you all tomorrow!  🙂



Just taking the time to look over it all…while scratching on a 3 or 4 day growth of beard that I’m just too lazy to get rid of.  😛

That’s part of my musing today…the fact that I now CAN allow the beard to grow for a few days before I finally decide it’s itching enough to scrape it off.   When I was working regular jobs, I’d have to make a point of scraping my face every day…now, thanks to the new career, I can do it when I WANT to do it.  🙂  So much more freedom in this career…I absolutely love it!  🙂  And to answer the unasked as yet question…no, I’ve never grown a beard; I can never get past the “4 day itch”…that’s when the face fuzz starts itching so furiously that I HAVE to get it off my face….lol.

Made a new addition to the Full Length Videos page…it’s of one of the latest releases from TucsonTied…Sasha Fae In: “Tie Down Those Hands With That Crotch Rope”   “The Bad Photographer” has also been released on Clips4Sale…I’ll get a video up for that as well very soon.  🙂

Long as I’m all long-winded and stuff…let’s talk a bit about the video I just finished producing, “Sasha Fae’s Bondage Interrogation Terror”.  I like this kinda stuff…kind of a battle of wills between captive and captor.  Captor needs something captive has, but captive won’t tell where it is…what follows is a kind of “bondage battle” to get down to cases.  I’ll be talking more about it in days to come (and there’s even a twist in the plot!)…how about a quick screenshot?


On-Screen hogtie from the soon-to-come movie, “Sasha Fae’s Bondage Interrogation Terror”

Eh, but not TOO lazy…lol.  Got a LOT to do today…got my check from the site, need to deposit it…got a check for a custom with Janessa, same…need to touch base with Janessa and set up our shoot…upload to UnlimitedBondage Tube, vote in the Bondage Awards:

Last week for this, kids…home stretch!  Help me if you can…and if you do, thanks!  🙂

Just finished and am sending to the client the latest 1 hour blockbuster with Sasha Fae…I freaking LOVE this movie!  LOT of action, LOT of bondage…you guys are gonna LOVE this one!!!  🙂  Gotta get myslef motivated and moving…catch you all later!  🙂


SMOKING hot image from the latest update to…this image is from the WONDERFUL Hour Long movie, “Bikini Bound”, available from Clips4Sale abd UnlimitedBondage On Demand for $24.99.  🙂


Click to see this movie offered on C4S! Stacie Snow, from “Bikini Bound”

Click to see this movie offered on UnlimitedBondage On Demand! Stacie Snow, from “Bikini Bound”

OMG, am I ever still FULL!  Thanksgiving was AWESOME…amazing food, amazing friends and family…just a wonderful time!  🙂

Today begins some editing for the latest 1 hour blockbuster…but first, let’s talk about two others that recently got uploded at Clips4Sale…

The Bad Photographer On Clips4Sale   $25.99

I teased this one a little bit…

Strappado by Sasha Fae

This one chronicles Sasha Fae’s first shoot with a lame photographer.  NOT a nice guy to her.  OBVIOUSLY a fantasy…and not my real character.  🙂  The shoot goes awry but he keeps on shooting…despite Sasha’s protests and need to get out of the ropes.  This ISN’T the way a real professional works the ropes, but makes for a nifty fantasy nonetheless; it’s a great fantasy story!


Tie Down Those Hands With That Crotch Rope! On C4S       $14.99

This is a NEAT little 30 minute program that features Sasha Fae in some GREAT Bikini and Black Dress Bondage…

Some GREAT “Bikini” Bondage with Sasha Fae

This is a GREAT little flick…30 minutes of Sasha Fae in a bikini for one set and a black dress and boots for the other; I love this flick!  🙂  It’s one of my favorites…just me (behind the camera in “POV” fashiom), Sasha and the ropes…a REALLY great time and some premium bondage, as you can see above.  🙂

All right…’nuff said for the time being; time to “cook” some video and play RE4.  😛  Laters!


What am I Thankful for on this Thanksgiving? Well, I have a lot more to be Thankful for these days…

My fans, first and foremost!  You guys are the driving force that keeps me going and motivated…I strive every day to keep myself producing the best possible material for you all!  I love my fans deeply; you guys are the BEST!

The ability to leave a dead end job (and be able to now IDENTIFY it as “dead end”), and move into a career that I completely LOVE, for another thing.  This year marked my retirement from the traditional workforce and my becoming a full-time bondage photographer/producer;  SUCH an achievement in this day and age!  It’s almost unheard of for folks to be able to do this nowadays, with all the competition (and that’s not me whining about said competition…competition makes us all stronger, better producers), and my just being able to do so is an awesome achievement…one of the bigger ones in my life.

My best bud, Dave Annis, for sticking things out with me, helping me to become the photographer that I am with gentle guidance and tolerance for my sometimes manic mood swings.  😉  I truly believe that if it hadn’t been for Dave, I’d be stuck saying the line, “You Want Fries With That?” somwehere; it was his guidance that caused me to look at myself and my work and see the need for improvement, and to go thru the easier-than-first-thought steps to make said changes happen…and make me able to reap the benefits of the hard work involved.  I truly treasure his friendship and mentorship in my career.

As always and every day, I’m Thankful for my Models.  I can’t TELL you how much I Treasure and Respect all of them…without their patience and tolerance for some rough work done with them, I would not be where I am today.  To my Models…Thank You GREATLY and DEEPLY!!

But, like I said at the top…you fans are the BEST!  I love ya all large, people…THANK YOU!!


Stacie Snow, from my latest shoot with her…LOVELY!