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I know it’s only New Years Eve, but, let’s get this off right…have a happy and SAFE New Year folks!  🙂  All my standard warnings apply…designate a driver, drink responsibly, drive safely…be SAFE out there!!  I want you back here for 2013 to enjoy the new year and all the wonderful models I’m gonna be working with at next year’s FetCon and during the year!!  🙂

I just realized…the year is gonna be 2013…ach; this year is gonna drive my triskaidekaphobia crazy…and that word is your “I need to look this up at Google” thing for for the day…lmao!  😉

Got a LOT of stuff I need to do, so I’m gonna wrap this up for now…let’s end it with a pic from Cali Logan from my shoot with her a bit ago.  🙂

Happy New Year!


Cali Logan

Just musing…

It’s funny how things change from time to time.  Not too long ago, I was in the “traditional” workforce, my bondage was a hobby that made me money, and I occasionally played video games.  Now, I’m a full time producer…the bondage is my career and job (and livlihood), and my gaming has stepped up to the forefront as my hobby that I do to release steam.  And the funny part about that is…I have almost NO steam these days!  🙂  Being in the “workforce”, you have to worry about job performance, your boss, co-workers, stupid production numbers…OY!  As a producer, I’m basically the boss, so…no stress there.  🙂

And the Video Games?  JUST LOVING IT…now that I can game on my PC, I’m re-visiting older games (Playstation one…PSX) and it’s awesome; replaying my way thru Resident Evil 3: Nemesis…what an AWESOME game!

Well, it’s the end of the month, so I have to deal with the only stress I have (paying my rent…lol), so I’m off to cash the latest site check…here’s a pic of “Secretary Emily Addison” in pink rope from my early days.  🙂


Secretary Emily Addison

Where DID this week GO?  Seems like just yesterday it as Monday…sheesh.

Well, again…not much going on, but I think I can tell you what WILL be going on in ’13…at least the early part of it.  🙂  My next shoot will likely be Sasha Fae:

Sasha Fae 

…followed by the stunning and vivacious Annabelle Genovisi (click the pic to see his C4S Store)…

Annabelle Genovisi from The Badman

That pic comes to us with the kind permission of my best friend and sensei in the business, Jerry The Badman.  See more of his stuff with Annabelle and a ton of fantastic, beautiful and sexy models in some HOT bondage stutations at his C4S store, Badman’s Bondage Babes!

After that, I have plans to bring back Gracie Ryder…

Gracie Ryder

…and after Gracie returns, I have plans to bring the one and only (and super-sexy) Drea Morgan to the Arizona desert…

Drea Morgan

That covers January and February.  🙂  Should be a banner beginning to 2013 from the eternal funhouse that is TucsonTied!


Good results from yesterday’s posts…seems you all liked Isobel Wren.  🙂  I like her too…she’s a BLAST to work with and an all around wonderful gal!  How about a blast from my recent past and a post of her 1st shoot with me?

Isobel Wren

Isobel Wren

Isobel Wren

ACH…the day is so fcuking BUSY today…and the week looks crowded as well!  I thought the end of the year was a “wind down” time…apparently, I missed the memo…lol.  😉  LOTS on the calendar (and that’s another thing I need to do…I need to make up one for next week; I always make my own calendars with pics from the previous year’s work)…and tomorrow, my apartment complex has decided to do the yearly inspections to their units.  :/  Why just two days after Christmas, I don’t know, but, oh well….that’s a day I need to be home.  🙁

Anyway…I gotta get myself cracking…got Isobel Wren on the brain…how about we close with her?  🙂


Isobel Wren In A Tight Hogtie!

Every now and again, I do what’s called “Content Trade” with other producers around the net…it’s a good way for al of us to raise our visability and give ourselves new audiences.  Some people who’ve seen Moraxian’s stuff have never seen my work…so when some of my work appears on his site in trade for what I’m about to show you, it’ll open some eyes…the same holds true for him with his stuff on my site.  🙂

Seems he was working with lovely Dakkota here and wanted to test the limits of the postal delivery service…

Now that’s a package I’m dying to get! Dakkota via Moraxian’s Game Room


The full effect…lovely Dakkota bound and gagged to the bed, awaiting her shipment to Tucson…

The pics are linked to Moraxian’s site…click on them to be directed directly there.  🙂  Check Dakkota and all the lovely ladies out at Moraxian’s site…he does GREAT work; you won’t be disappointed!  🙂


Hi, guys!  🙂  Just wanted to take a few minutes to wish you all a very MERRY CHRISTMAS and my heartfelt hopes that you and yours all have a joyous Holiday season and a WONDERFUL day today filled with laughter, family, food and fun times!  🙂

Merry Christmas to my wonderful second family and the people I do what I do for…my wonderful and awesome fans!


Happy Monday (groan), and Merry Christmas Eve, blog-fans!

Just settling back to enjoy the next couple of days…gonna be spending Christmas with my best bud El Coyote and his wife and her yummy food…gonna be a very nice day!  🙂  Got some stuff to do, so I’ll sign off for now…Season’s Greetings!  🙂


Shannon wishes you a very Merry (Tied Up) Christmas!