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Been perusing the “fun” that is the situations that are FetLife…good Lord.  That site is in total crisis…I just hope they manage to pick it apart.  I use it for networking and looking at pics just like any other member, but seeing what’s going on is just insane. (shakes head and mumbles)

Ah, well.

Pic is from Dez from an upcoming post to  Click that link to sign up!



Dez…wondering how she got into this mess….lol.

Been thinking about what I’d say in a more extensive bio page…expect to see that within the next feww days or so.   🙂  As for now, I just posted the last bit of content I currently have for UnlimitedBpondage Tube, so I’m off to get some more.  🙂  Pis is of Rikki Jade…you can see this set and MUCH more of her at:



Rikki Jade

Hrm, hah, whut?  Oh, yah…one more thing to do.  🙂

Good friend to me and my site, El Coyote (fellow producer) ,  has some things he needs som help with…the problem with that is, the best time to start is at 8 in the morning.  Bloody hell…I’m always awake at 6amish anyway, but not usually dressed and ready to attack the day.  Usually, I’m drifting happily inbetween fits of sleep…lmao!  Ah, well.  Pic is from my 2006 journey to FetCon, and is a tie I did during the End Party on Sunday night/early morning of Nikki Sebastian.

I know August is a ways off, but it’s never too early to talk about FetCon…all I want to say is that I’ll be there…you should too!  🙂



Nikki Sebastian at FetCon

Got a LOT to do today, so again, short on words…here’s a pic of “thief” Sasha Fae before she goes about hitting my place.  I catch her, am NOT pleased, and tie her up.  The bondage shots from this production will start coming tomorrow when I’m heavy into the editing process; I’ll be pulling screencaps then.  🙂



Sasha Fae

Short on words today because Sasha Fae is coming over in a bit for Part 2 of our two day shoot together.  Haven’t edited anything as yet (I’ll post some screen caps after I start editing), but I did take a few stills of the outfit…can she be any sexier?  🙂



Sasha Fae Before being kidnapped…