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Feeling the itch to hit Bookman’s again.  🙂  I may come away with some blockusters, I may come away with just some time spent browsing there; whichever happens, happens.  🙂  The hunt itself is a part of the whole experience…sometimes I go there JUST to browse.  It’s one of the best stores in town and one I treasure.  Speaking of treasures, I found a real treasure at one of their neighboring stores once…a place called “Annabelle’s Attic”.  They buy and sell furnature, appliances and things of that nature that people don’t want anymore…I found a 32 inch screen SONY “Triniton” television for $60.  Standard definition, mind you…but it’s a MONSTER screen and looks fantastic in my living room.  🙂

Anyway…neither here nor there about pics, tho, right?  How about some Drea Morgan…and folks should know that she’s on my schedule for FetCon this year; there’ll be more great stuff like this coming soon!  🙂  If you’d like to see more of Drea at TucsonTied click this link to join the site and see why this lady is literally exploding across the fan scene!  🙂



Drea Morgan hogtied

It’s no secret that I’m a leg guy; I do ties specifically designed to show off a great pair of legs (standing by the bookshelf, standing at the foot of my couch, etc)…well, I also like to do series’ where the models sexy legs are left unbound so she can walk around (like she got away from her binder in mid tie) and look for a way out…this set aslo has a few “cell phone call for help” shots as well.  🙂

Candle Boxxx looks FANTASTIC here…this set and BUNCHES more are available at right now…why not sign up to see this and the thousands more pics and hours of video?  🙂


TUCSON0313Candle Boxxx 805

Candle Boxxx

This is one of my all-time favorite Stacie Snow images…it doesn’t get much better than this!  You can see the full set from which this image came and BUNCHES more images and video of the lovely Stacie at! comes as an extra added bonus for signing up to…join now!



Stacie Snow

March has NEVER liked me for some reason.  🙁  Dunno why, but things always seem to come up rotten turnips in March…I dunno.  So this month and I don’t get along too well…maybe my karma is off in March?  Meh.

This one in particular had a theme of sort…self reflection.  Who AM I in the bondage biz?  Who do I WANT to be?  What is my place in the industry?  What do I want it to be?  I know that now and I’ve decided on a few changes I’m going to be making over the next few months to make it a bit more of a comfortable place for me to be in.  Not in the bondage style, mind you; that will remain true and stay on course…what I’m talking about is me and how I relate with the rest of the world.

Neither here nor there, tho.  🙂  I’m off to do the usuals for this time of the month…put the latest site check in the bank, write out a rent check, pay bills…you know the drill; you prolly do it yourself every month.  Believe it or not, this stuff I do isn’t too far off from the norm…only thing is, I keep my own hours rather than punch into a time clock…and I see a lot of boobs.  😉

I got stuff to do…you all take a look at the lovely Nyxon…and know there’s a bunch of her stuff with me up on TucsonTied.  Click here to sign up and see even MORE!



The uber-lovely Nyxon

When I was working a regular job, Thursday used to be my favorite day of the week…it was my day off.  😛  In all seriousness, the job I had before my last one was a Mon. thru Fri. kind of deal…then I got a different one which required some Saturday hours…so Saturday had to be replaced by something; I asked for Thursdays.  Not sure why I chose that day, but I did…and it seemed to work out for the best.  🙂  Now that I’m a full-time producer, I work when I need to; it’s still somewhat a five day a week affair…but now I can call it a “love affair” as I’m in love with my job…and with hotties like Isobel Wren to tie and gag, how could I not???

Hey…that’s an idea.  Today’s pic will be brought to you by the looooooooooovely Isobel wren.  🙂  If you want to see more of her, click this link to sign up for TucsonTied!



Isobel Wren Ball Gagged

Yaaaaaaaaaawn!!  Wow; actually slept past 8 am…I rarely do that!  Life in general always seem to get me out of bed around 6 or so; nice to sleep in for a change.  🙂  Well, Fallout 3 is calling me, so I’m gonna answer…have a look at one of the shots I did in my favorite set of Stacy Burke.  Yes, I shot with our industry’s resident goddess and most well-known model…she’s a DREAM to work with and I simply adore her!

There’s much more Stracy Burke stuff available at my site, click here to sign up and see more!



Stacy Burke

Well, I had a setback regarding Fallout 3.  🙁  Nothing to do with my all-nighter at the game…but somewhat.  I had a save file that wouldn’t load, so I bought the “Game Of The Year” Edition (which had the “Mothership Zeta DLC that I spent all night playing thru) thinking it was just a bad copy of the game…no dice.  That save is gone and will not load…so I’m in the process of starting over and recovering the place I was at on the game.  166 + hours of gaming lost forever…and believe it or not, I’m kinda glad.  I got to re-experience the game with some knowledge and complete some mini-quests that I fucked up my first playthru…so it’s been kinda fun!  Tedious at times…but fun!

The whole “Mothership Zeta” kinda thing was funny.  In replaying the game, I went to the spot where a weapon was (an alien blaster that pretty much one-shot-kills most enemies) and instead of just getting the weapon, I was dragged up to the “mothership” and wound up fighting aliens all night.  🙂  That came way out of left field…think “Mad Max meets space aliens” and you’ve pretty much got how outlandish this all was.  I just wanted my character back on Earth and back to scouring the wastes…lol.  😉

Anyway…I’m off to gather content for UnlimitedBondage Tube…you all drool over lovely Janessa here.  This and much, MUCH more of her is available at, click this link and join up to see it all!




Another day, another week dawns…it was nice to see this one begin from my BED this time instead of the dawn cracking behind me as I feverishly game…lol.  😉  It was fine that I did that, but I did feel bad that it didn’t leave me with enough strength to blog for you all proper the next day…”proper”,  meaning, I didn’t do any pics.  I just didn’t have it in me…I was looking to crash on the bed and crash HARD, and I did too…weird sleeping in until the afternoon.  Believe it or not, I still went to bed at the usual time and slept like a baby…I feel pretty rested right now.  🙂

I just got to a point that I couldn’t leave it…I wanted to resolve the situation my character was in and move to the next phase of the adventure…and doing so meant clocking in some MAJOR hours on my PS3.  One thing this proves is the ability of the Playstation hardware to do the job…suck on that, “Red Ring Of Death”  :p (That was a minor slap at the XBOX and it’s crashing…Google either “red ring of death” or “RROD” for more info.)

So, where does that leave us today?  I didn’t do any picture blogging yesterday…how about I make up for that by posting so many I’m not even gonna list the model names in this paragraph like I usually do; instead, find them below each pic.  All these pics are fron the site, and can be yours in full size along with the more than 23,000 others along with the almost 270 videos at  Click on that link to see more and this one to sign up now!



Always did love her in thses heels; this is how ankle straps should look in bondage! 🙂 Andrea


Think she can get to the door??? 😉 Isobel Wren


I was trying to give this set a more “kidnapped” look…undressed bed, all in a corner…think I succeeded here! 🙂 Kimberly Marvel


Early “pink rope” stuff with Madelyn Rose


More early stuff with Laura Lee


Asian Hogtie Bondage with Seraphim

Kids…I’m gonna clock back in later with a pic and links…I just did something silly.  Fallout 3 captured my attention in a not-so-nice way…I was to the verge of not getting past an area and it was pissing me off.  Long story short, I was trying to game my way past it…and while I was gaming away, the sun came up behind me…lol.  It’s only the second all-nighter I’ve pulled in 48 years of living…crazy!!!

I’m gonna get me some shut eye…I’ll be back later in the day with a more proper post.  🙂


When you shoot with Sasha Fae, you’re tempted as a photographer to slam those elbows together and center a shoot around that.  It’s somewhat natural and does draw in a crowd.  Me, I like to also make sure I get some good old fashioned leg glam going on…to see this recently posted set, go to and sign up!



Sasha Fae’s gorgeous legs…and her! 🙂