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Well, FEH.

Opened my mail just now and may have goofed.  I got what looked like an ad from a bank.  Opened it roughly thinking it was nothing and wound up ripping a $25 check a bit.  :/  Apparently, it was a settlement in a class action suit against them and this was my share.  POOPY.  Eh, at this moment it’s “found money” and not much more than a fill up of a gas tank or maybe a couple lunches, but still, I hope the bank will still cash it.  :/

Anyway.  Let’s do a Stacie Snow posting today.  This and much MUCH more from Stacie’s 32 shoots with me can be found at; join up today!



Stacie Snow

Last week I can greet you all at 48…Sunday’s the birthday;  I’ll be 49.  🙂  Staring 50 straight in the eyes now…sheesh.  🙁  Eh, now I get the feeling I’ll get a whole bunch of comments telling me to stop complaining about that…I’m just a young pup, yadda, yadda…lol.  😉  June 2nd seems a good day for bondage people…I share the day as a birthday with models JJ Plush and Evelyn Rose.  🙂

Not much to say at the moment…getting back to life as usual.  Have a look at Sasha Fae here…I know I like doing that…lol.  😉

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Sasha Fae

Today is for seeing the new Star Trek movie again.  🙂  It was AWESOME and if you haven’t, then you should.  No spoilers, nothing more added…just go see it!  🙂  As for here…let’s have a look at Lola Lynn.  🙂



Lola Lynn

Phew.  Hi; I’m back.  🙂

It was a good thing I took those days off…I was a wreck.  But, now…back and ready to rock!  🙂  Still gonna take a break tho…a break from the Sneak Peeks; that’ll be back next week.  Anyway.  Thanks to Lorelei for stopping by.   🙂  That was a bit of an “off” comment and maybe I suffered from some lapse judgement letting it thru…but does one really think when they’re grieving?

Anyway.  Didn’t do a heck’uva lot, really…almost saw the second Star Trek movie again; may do that tomorrow.  Bought myself a copy of the game “Lollipop Chainsaw”.  As silly as that name is, the game itself is sillier…a girl dressed as a cheerleader turns 18 and assumes her duty as a zombie killer (somewhat Buffy-ish)…and does so with a chainsaw.  It’s what the gamers like myself call a “hack & slash”…all melee attacks and done with a special chainsaw.  It’s very humorous as well; part of the reason I bought it.  Should be fun to slam my way thru.  🙂

Pic is of Stacie Snow…one of our more recent sets.  🙂



Stacie Snow

This blog is going to take a 2 day hiatus in respect and rememberance to one of my dearest friends’ passing.

A few years ago, Dave Annis told me of his favorite client…someone who had been there to buy customs from Dave in good times and bad.  I introduced myself, sent a few samples of my work to him…and the rest just happened.  He ordered from me…oh, LORD how he ordered from me.  🙂  But the one thing that held the truest in our relationship that went from customer/client to friends to BEST friends to brothers was both of our gifts for gab.  He would call me every day at 9 am…whatever the reason (ordering, checking status on his latest order, what have you)…or just to chew the fat or “bend my ear into a pretzel” as he liked to call it.  🙂  We would talk for HOURS.  EVERY day.

He referred to himself as a “Bondage Historian”; and in the conversations, it was easy to see that it was an earned title…he knew ALL of us riggers, it seemed.  Jay Edwards, Dominic Wolfe, “The Short Fuse Boys”, as he liked to call them…if there was somebody out there tying a girl up, my friend was likely there, buying up copies of it.  🙂  His joy and passion was bondage…it was easy to see this; he loved all the girls, he loved us guys doing the work…his was a heart that was completely open and there for anyone in the field.

Those blasted vibrators.  🙂  I say that with respect and reverance…he was the one ordering the customs with me placing the vibes tied into the crotchropes.  I understood it…I still think it works, despite my critics giving me playful shit about it (lol), and they were his passion, along with a deep seeded love of high heel black pumps…with pointed toes; the pointier the better.  🙂  I’ll still put one into the crotch ropes occasionally…with him solely on my mind and out of respect for him when I do.

Stacie Snow and Candle Boxxx were his two favorites…he never could decide between the two…lol.

I’m now doing what we all do when we mourn the passing of family…crying my eyes out and knowing that he’s gone to a much better place.  It’s funny; I don’t have any Kleenex in my apartment right now, so I went to get one of my bandannas for wiping away the tears and grabbed a grey one…I bought those specifically for his customs as that was his favorite color.  Like I’ve been saying to those who know me best, he’s prolly knocking back drinks with Klaw and Willie right now…and letting them teach him how to rig and doing so on Bettie Page.  😀  This year, we were gonna meet at FetishCon; cancer said something else entirely.  He was so EAGER to meet me…and to sample my favorite drink, a White Russian.  Kahlua makes the drink in bottle form now and sells them in 6 packs with bottles that hold a shot glass’ worth of the drink each…I’m gonna buy a six pack (and JUST a 6 pack, my readers, don’t worry about me slipping into despair and alcohol) and drink it in tribute to him.  He ended many a conversation between us  by saying, “Have a White Russian on me, pal.”…I intend to do just that now.  🙂

Rest in Peace, my dear dear friend, DS.


(The pics that follow are from his customs with me.)


Candle Boxxx


Stacie Snow


Sasha Fae

Dez 3


Out of content for UnlimitedBondage Tube…need to go and pull some more.  🙂  It’s a site that has a FREE 30 second video every day, by the way….jus’ sayin’.  🙂  You guys do hear me say that a lot here and might think I’m incompetant at doing this job (lol)…reason I run out is I’m trying my level best to keep the content for that site fresh; I only gather a week’s worth of content for it at a time so I can get the latest vids.  🙂

Anyway…off to go do that; enjoy Shreidan Nicoll!

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Sheridan Nicoll

Getting back into the “grind” of things.  🙂

Just finished paying bills (gotta not cut the power bill so close in the future…lol) and will be returning owed mails after I hit FetLife and see what’s up there….yesterday, I took a leave of absence from the online world to become a rigger-for-hire.  🙂  It was fun!  Didn’t do it for the sake of cash as my bills were covered (I was just being lazy about paying them…lol), this was purely for experience and fun.  Getting paid was a side effect, really…GOOD one, naturally!  🙂  The bondage in and of itself was outside of what I normally do.  Still good and firm, mind, but without all the usual “TucsonTied touches” nor my usual poses, but I was a hired hand, remember.  🙂  My job was essentially, “Tony, please put ropes or tape here, there and there…” and such, you see.  🙂  The girls were all lovely and I wouldn’t mind seeing them at TucsonTied…I really need to get Tracy in again.  Speaking of Tracy, why don’t we end this post with a pic from my all-too-short library of her.  🙂

I need to work with her again…customs with her are welcome, by the way!  🙂

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Tracy Jordan