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I meant to write something last night, but was DESTROYED.  This one took a LOT out of me; I was exHAUSTED.  Not that anything went wrong (it was beyond perfect), but I think doing two shoots within a week was a bit much this time for some reason.  Maybe said reason being a massive feast in the middle…lol.

I’m still having butt Internet (I feel like I’m on dial up, that’s how bad it is),; I tried a different way of uploading pics; no go.  🙁  We’re just gonna have to wait this one out.  Tuesday, once the problem is fixed, I’ll do a picture “bomb” of Domino shots!


I’ll be working with Domino in a couple hours or so…just enough time to drop a line or two here.  When we did the last shoot, she said she was actually EXCITED about this particular concept!  Ah, kinky girls…:)  I’ll try and post a pic later today.  Hopefully by Tuesday this crap with the low upload speed is a thing of the past…


Another Turkey day dawns upon us folks of the US…time for the stuffing of the turkey, namely me.  🙂  Let’s see if I can get a slightly smaller sized pic of Domino to go thru.


PS: no dice.  I just can’t upload shyte right now.  🙁

Ach…this is ridiculous.  First of all, I managed to get two more shots of Domino uploaded to me FetLife account…please visit me there to get a look at her:

I can’t seem to get anything uploaded anywhere right now.  🙁  I’m gonna call my ISP and give them hell…well, maybe just ask WTF is going on and why I have a good download speed, but no upload speed.  I can watch videos and check my mail just fine, but uploading pics is nigh impossible.  Stay tuned.  🙂


UPDATE: Well, this is complete butt.  Spoke with my ISP and diagnosed the problem…they say it’s somewhere in the line, but can’t send someone out until TUESDAY.  🙁  That’s ass if ever I heard it.  I’ll try and upload a pic here and there until then and see if I can get lucky like I did at FetLife occasionally.  For now, tho…I’m going back to bed…lol.  😉


I’m sorry, gang.  Been trying all night to upload pics of Domino from today’s shoot, but no success.  It’s my Upload spped…I went to one of those speed testing sites and found I’m currently running with a 0.02 Upload speed to the Internet…what balls.  🙁  I’m gonna try again late tonight…that’s when things seem to get better.  I did manage to get a pic of her uploaded to FetLife before things all went butt…

It’s the first pic there.  Meantime, I’m gonnakeep trying and see what, if anything, I can accomplish.  The shoot went wonderfully, by the way…can’t WAIT until Friday and I ghet her in again.  🙂


Son Of A Bitch…Tumblr terminated my account with them!  🙁  I find it an ultimate irony…Tumblr is a pirate haven, and as I type this there are probably dozens of my pics on it without my approval.  My pics?  Sure, go ahead and post them…me myself for an account?  Busted.  Unreal.

Anyway…putting this on the back burner for now; Domino will be here in a little less than 4 hours.  No pic on this post…I’ll make another one later once the shoot is done with pics of her.  🙂


All right…let’s give this a try and see if the Internet will allow me to post it.  😛  Here’s some shots of my USS Reliant:

Uss Enterprise and Uss Reliant

Both of my girls in the same shot…USS Enterprise and USS Reliant

USS Reliant

Top of the ship…USS Reliant

Side View...USS Reliant

Side View…USS Reliant

Huh…all three pics I was trying to upload this morning went on without a hitch…guess I need to change the password on my router; someone in my apartment complex must be sponging off of my Internet.  :/  I wish there was a way of being able to tell that and boot off unauthorized people…any tech-savvy folks out there know a way?

GAWD, but the Aztecing of this ship gave me headaches…secondary market (meaning, not included in the kit…I had to buy them seperately from a different company) stuff fail.  🙁  They never properly adhered…I have to be careful where I touch the ship else a decal comes back in my hand.  🙁  Still, she looks great, no?  A perfect compliment to the Enterprise.  Oh, I should mention…these are NOT in scale with one another: The Enterprise is a 1/350 scale model, while the Reliant is a 1/537 scale.  Why they didn’t scale both the same size to one another, I’ll never know.

The only problem with finishing this one is I have no current model to build, and the itch to do so is overwhelming!  🙁  I’m done with starships of the Federation for a while…what I’m looking for is a car…a ’68 Thunderbird to be precise.  Had one when I was a kid and would love to have a miniature for the sake of memories.  🙂


Well, hi gang and welcome to another Monday!

Tomorrow I’ll be roping up pretty, sexy Domino…but for today, how about some other news…my USS Reliant is finished!  I’d show you…but the blog is being butt about taking pics; I’ll have to try uploading again later.  It’s taking my older material quick, but is having issues with me uploading more recent stuff from my newer cameras.  :/

At any rate, here’s some Kerri Taylor.  Kerri is thinking af an AZ trip in January…keep your fingers crossed for me!  🙂


Kerri Taylor

Kerri Taylor


Gawd!  Either my Internet was being butt yesterday, or things are just wonky out there…took for-EVER to upload a pic to the blog.  🙁

Today, however, gotta tell you about a slight change of plans…I’ve been saying that Domino and I will be working tomorrow; that has been changed to Tuesday.  Slight schefdule bump to help her out.  🙂  Best news to come from this I can think of is that I’m gonna do an extra shoot with her Friday as well!  We’re doing two different looks…Tuesday will be ultra-sexy and Friday will be, for lack of a better way of putting it, “sexy hitchhiker”, as I like to call it.  More or less a normal outfit, just tight and short (and reveals lots of midriff), with bare legs, where on Tuesday it’ll be pantyhose.  I’m REALLY looking forward to it!  🙂

For now, tho…how about some Pantera?


(And as a PS…I now need to stop bragging about AZ weather…November ROARED in here over the last few days and it’s been cold as heck!)