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My weekend has changed…I can no longer claim the “odd weekends” I do here…I’ve been moved to a Monday-Friday work schedule. 🙂 I’m OK with it…tho I’m not liking 9-6 instead of 8-5 hours; it is what it is. I’ll tell ya all how I like the job when it starts back up…

Stacie Snow for today. 🙂


Promotion at the day job!!! 🙂 I’m now a “Mentor” there and help educate and train new hires to be the best they can be at the job…

…and it even comes with a $2 an hour raise to boot! 🙂

Color me excited…and it’s something I was sort of already doing in the background anyway, so I’m almost already familiar with the new duties. 🙂 Only possible hitch I see is the schedule is more flexible…might not have the same Sat-Wed. schedule I’m used to all the time…but it’s a good trade off. 🙂

Pantera Noelle for today.


Man, I HATE being right, sometimes. Stryder just informed me that, indeed, with the last Jessica Jones season, Marvel will be leaving NetFlix and heading for Disney streaming territory…blech. Hopefully, they don’t “PG” these wonderful series…ugh.

Stacie Snow for today.