All posts for the month April, 2019

Yay…just have to get through today and I’m off from work. “Endgame”, here I come! 🙂 May looks to be even better with both Godzilla and John Wick sequels releasing…what a summer ahead!

Speaking of summer, here’s Sasha Fae in some bikini shots…or the part of the bikini I let her wear, anyways. 😛


Well, now. Dave Annis visited me last night with some GREAT news…Janessa is figuring on coming back as a model! 🙂 Seems Dave and I created a kinkster…after she retired from work, she got the boyfriend (now husband) to tie her up occasionally…and she’s joined the “I model bondage, but I love it too” crowd! Always happy to hear!

Anyway, kids…sooner the better for inquiring about custom work; she and I’ll be available to do customs for you once she’s fully ready to come out of retirement.

Here’s some samplers of Janessa to give you an idea of what we can do…


I get my favorite schedule of 8 am-5pm back today!…

…for a week. 😛 Next week, I’m back to 10 am-7pm…lol. I think my bosses like torturing me or something…oy.

Well, here’s some Sasha Fae that won’t be torture for your eyes to look at…