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I live alone. For the longest time, I’ve said that I enjoy solitude, like living alone, function best as a lone wolf…

Fuck, man…I miss PEOPLE. 😛

Can’t believe I actually wanna go back to work and see all the gang there….lol. Anyway…here’s some Brooke Thomsen.


So…here’s the path my mind wanders down while working at home sometimes. Today, I found myself drawing a parallel between the Covid-19 virus and the movie “Jaws”. Hear me out. 😛

In “Jaws”, we have the small community of Amity Island being threatened by shark attacks. The main scientist involved says to keep the beaches closed as the wrong shark has been killed and the citizens are still in danger. The main politician, the Mayor of the town, decides that tourist season is too precious and money needs to be made, citizens be damned, and opens the beaches for swimmers.

People died because of this.

To all the states reopening too soon…thanks for inflicting this on the lot of us. There’s gonna be a new resurgence of the virus because of all the idiots rushing to make money again, I’m calling it right here and now. The SCIENTISTS, DOCTORS and VIROLOGISTS need to make this call, not the fucking politicians.

Anyway…brighter stuff; here’s some Gracie Ryder.