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Dropped off the paperwork that I needed to do for the job…it’s official. 🙂 Between Thursday and Monday, they’ll contact me to let me know what time I’ll have to sign in for the first training meeting next Tuesday…so excited!

Sasha Fae for today.


Laaaaaaazy Sunday…I plan on spending the day on my couch happily watching movies…”Danger: Diabolik” (yes, that’s misspelled…he’s a character from Italian “Fumetti” comics originally…and now you have things you can look up on Google…lol) first and foremost, if I didn’t already watch it yesterday…

Lola Lynn for today. 🙂


WOW. As I type this, the CJ post I made a couple of days ago has garnered 975 page views…second highest only to the blog’s first post, way back in the day. Sometimes you just hit on the right level of viewability, I guess…lol.

Friends of mine made me aware of a situation where a Verizon customer, obviously upset about something, used the showroom floor as a bathroom and took a piss on it. I stand unsurprised by the behavior…if this customer had been doing their dealings on the phone with customer service, they probably would have pissed into the phone instead…VZW’s customers are just like that, 3 1/2 years of customer servicing them tells me. 😛

Anyway…here’s some Isobel Wren.


I think I told you guys that Pantera Noelle was working with the same company I was, but with another location in town, right? When I told her I left the company, the first thing she said was, “I told you (the company) was trash! I left them months ago!”

Wow. Always the last to know. 😛

Pantera Noelle for today.