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I’m gonna say something that might surprise you. “Cyber Monday” shopping deals are deals that YOU have to complete at a store’s ONLINE center.

Yes, I’m serious, and I said that. 😛

I used to HATE “Cyber Monday” as a customer service rep for Verizon. There was inevitably, INEVITABLY, at least one punk who’d call in and say, “I’m not good with that computer junk…YOU have to get me that Cyber Monday deal and get it for me NOW.” And you just have to put on your best “I can’t help you” face and explain it to the customer that it’s a “CYBER MONDAY” deal done through the online shop ONLY.

Reporting the rep to their superior helps/solves nothing. Sups can’t get you the Cyber Monday deal either…and no, you can’t get a rep fired for not producing a Cyber Monday deal. I think…THINK…I had someone give me a bad rating score once for not helping them…they reviewed the call and overturned it. 😛

Cyber Monday means get the deal O-N-L-I-N-E, people. Please remember that and don’t harass the underpaid/over-stressed customer service folks that you call. :/

Rant over. Arielle Lane for today. 🙂