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Grrrrrrr. Any of my fans into “Mortal Kombat” like I am? Well, Hollywood made yet another attempt to bring the video game fighting franchise to the big screen…and succeeded. Succeeded in pissing me off that is. 😛

Mind you, it’s a good special effects film with bombastic action. The casting works well too as the actors look like the characters from the game they’re playing (special nod for Sonya Blade and Jax…REALLY great casting here!) and lo and behold, Hollywood actually used Asian actors for all the Asian roles (was a surprise to see Raiden played by an Asian actor…I still have Christopher Lambert on the brain, I guess), but where Hollywood failed was the entire lore of the series.

OK, you know when I talk about movies, I don’t do spoilers…usually…exception being made here; I’m ranting. 😛 Go to the cute girl pics now if you don’t want your MK movie experience spoiled a bit.

If you’re a MK “lorist” like myself, someone who follows the entire backstory and lore of the MK world, your world is gonna get shaken a bit. No Johnny Cage here; one of his movie posters is a lead-in to a possible sequel, and there’s an all-new character. UGH; I so don’t get the decision making here. This guy, going forward, is apparently the replacement in a potential franchise for Scorpion…fucking why? To make this understandable for my non-MK fans…take the X-Men. Now remove Wolverine. Replace Wolvie with “John Smith”. There ya go. :/ This is SO bizarre…the Scorpion/Sub-Zero rivalry was key to MK’s success, and it’s over and done with inside of this movie…it’s like Hollywood said there’s better stories to tell…we’re moving on, people. :/ Just…flabbergasting.

Never has a movie both given me enjoyment and rage at the same time. I’m there for sequels…if morbidly so to see what ELSE Hollywood fucks up. :/

Sasha Fae for today.


Should explain the title…when she worked for me, she was “Ovara Darkstar, and that’s what her material is still under at the website (need to fix that…), she later changed it to a name already being used by a model, then changed it to her current moniker, Erica Ross.

Sooooo…Ovara/Erica for today. 🙂