All posts for the month May, 2021

Well, I have the PS3 now. 🙂 Spent the last day moving the saved game info from my PS3 library over to the new system and redownloading the one game I bought digitally (Resident Evil 4) and all is going smooth as silk. 🙂 Only thing I have left to do is move my saves from my PS2 over to the new console…that’s proving interesting. They were saved with different hardware…and the only gizmo that I know of that’s plug and play between the two systems that can do this is over a hundred dollars (it was only produced in Japan…they never imported it to the States); not exactly cost effective for a device I’d likely use once. 🙁 There’s ways of doing this without that expensive gizmo…I’ll figure it out. 🙂

Anyway…my decent into retro gaming is continuing. Thursday of this week will see me getting a PSP and PS Vita…Playstation’s two handheld portable systems. Remarkably inexpensive on eBay…I’ve always wanted these (actually had a PSP once), I’m looking forward to their arrival. 🙂

Anyway…Gracie Ryder for today. 🙂