All posts for the day May 17th, 2021

I’ve taken on a bit of a restoration project. 🙂 When the PlayStation 3 released, it was a bit of a beast: the video game console would play Blu-rays (which was a fairly new medium when this video game console came out in 2006), PlayStation 1, 2 and 3 games, DVDs and CD’s. It also had memory card slots for most any form of saving media out there…like I said, a bit of a beast.

It also went for $699. :/ Allowing for inflation, that’s almost $925 today!

Most folks bought it as a Blu-ray player as it was a more than decent player for the time, and with Blu-ray players at the time going for around $1,000 (!), it was a good price alternative. It was a successful release, but Sony did have to cut their costs in order to make a profit and the PS3 started getting renovated…there were several new types made after that which were more cost-effective for them (like making PS2 abilities happen from emulation rather than hardware, and in later remakes being purged from the console altogether).

History aside, I managed to score myself an original model (CECHA01) PS3 recently for a decent price on eBay. I went over to PC gaming at the PS3 generation, so literally all my gaming software is PS 1-3…a perfect fit for me. One machine to play all my games. 🙂 The PS3 was also prone to overheating (tho nowhere near as awful as the XBOX 360, where 54% of the units made were destined to failure), so I may wind up either having some restoration work done or doing it myself as the PS3 was pretty easy to disassemble and renew. I’m also installing a 1TB hard drive for saving games (already purchased)…and I even managed to find a remote for it to take advantage of that boffo Blu-ray drive. 🙂 Just have to wait for it to arrive from being on order…

Janessa for today. 🙂