All posts for the day January 3rd, 2022

Here’s hoping you had a safe and Happy New Year. 🙂 Mine was interesting…the fireworks started around 9 pm. The *unofficial* fireworks, that is, as my neighbors in the apartment complex started cracking them off…lol. Sounded like a goddamn warzone at times, but were still cool enough to see. Illegal as all get out in Arizona too, 😛 Then, as I’m gaming the night away at “Fallout: New Vegas”, suddenly the power went out. “Game’s famous for crashing,” I said to myself, “But this is a liiiiittle extreme.” 😛 I was out of power for maybe 5 minutes and then it came back…and lasted for another 5 until the NEXT blackout hit and lasted this time two minutes before the power returned. Welcome to 2022, Tony! 😛

Darling Nikki for today…