All posts for the day January 31st, 2022

What to blog about, what to blog about…I should have some Stacie Snow shots somewhere…oh, wait…I did a shoot on the 27th with a new-to-me gal, Ziva Fey! 🙂

Ah, it was wonderful getting back to the grind…tho I got too ambitious and scheduled a 6-hour affair my first time back…and nearly murdered my back…lol. Well, it went over wonderfully, and since we’re so close to one another (she’s in the Phoenix-area…about a 2-3 hour drive from me), we’re gonna be hooking up for shoots prolly every-other-month or so. Nice to have a “local” girl again…lol.

Ziva was featured recently in Hustler’s “Barely Legal” magazine and has a feature in the latest issue…just before she came down to shoot with me, she and the photographer from it stopped in the Hustler store there and got her a copy. She wasn’t the cover gal (give her time…lol), but she had a small pic to the side…awesome!

As for my shoot…ah, what a dream girl, what a BODY! Think I’ll go 6 pics today to show her off…