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He picked her up hitching…in a tight little denim mini-skirt and heels, yet. The usual…she was on her way to something and her car did a belly-up…he really wasn’t listening since that tight top was flattering her boobs all to hell and back. Nope…he just HAD to get some ropes onto her…

Magenta for today.



She wasn’t supposed to be home, dammit, or even *coming* home…he always clocked her for Friday nights staying out until four in the morning or so…but this time she came home around nine pm…one too many guys must’ve gotten “grabassery” with her and she tapped out early. She went from his hand over her mouth to tied to a chair and gagged in a matter of minutes…he had to admit she looked really nice like that…

“Some of my better work…you look pretty hot like that,” he said and gave her the once-over. “You don’t mind if I pull your top down, right? Of course you don’t…” he said and did it. LOVELY boobs…and was it a trick of the light, or was she moving about to give him a better view of her tied body…? Maybe her evening’s plans hadn’t gone too well, and she decided to settle…

Pantera Noelle


Bikini season! She loved it when it came to that time of year and was able to show off her magnificent figure for her guy…even if every time she put one on, she always seemed to wind up just wearing HALF of the thing when he saw her and almost instantly put her into topless bondage…the results were always pleasant, tho…

Sasha Fae for today.


“What’s that hook up on the wall for?” she asked him after they got to his place after a night out dancing.

“Well…it’s a closed loop, actually, and I use it to keep girls in a standing position while tied up and gagged. When I’m not using it for bondage, I hang coats off of it; totally vanilla.” He smiled at his cunning way of hiding his bondage fun.

“Really???” The bondage was new and exciting for her…she was liking where this part of their new relationship was going. “Show me. Right now.”

“You have but to ask, milady…”

Stacie Snow for today.


Inch by inch, slowly she made her way up the bed. Bound and gagged, her intruder had left her in quite a spot before making off with her valuables. She had to summon help… Finally she reached the phone and dialed as best she could while bound…

“Room Service! Can I help you?”

Ah, fuck. She dialed Room Service. Well, maybe the attendant would be cute?

Arielle Lane for today.


“Look, girl…you only have to stay like this until you tell me what your boss has in store for the Evanston Project.” He started down at the captive woman…Lola Lynn was the secretary to one of the biggest executives in the corporate landscape. She had information he needed and this was the way he decided to get it…kidnapping the (admittedly sexy) secretary and holding her in bondage until she told him what she knew…

“All I want to know is…” His voice trailed off as he watched her voluptuous figure struggling in the well-placed bondage. She’d made nary a move of resistance when he opened her top (something that he *thought* would be an intimidation factor)…she practically pressed herself *into* him opening it. Now, the way she was moving about, it was almost as if she was giving him a show…

Lola Lynn for today.


She opened the door and stepped in, placing her keys on a nearby table and dropping her purse there as well. It was good to be home…until a rough hand covered her mouth, keeping her from speaking. He pulled her close to him…and she felt his fingers pull down the top of her blouse, exposing her breasts…

“Damn…this place was supposed to be empty right now…thought I had your movements clocked from casing your place, chick. Gonna have to put you on silent mode for a while, I guess. Nice boobs, by the way; couldn’t resist having a looksee. Look; do what I say and nothing has to happen, get me?”

She nodded under his hand.

“Good thing I had the foresight to bring some rope to this job…”

Gracie Ryder for today.


The burglar had her strip down to her underwear…but stopped at that. He was looking to tie her up while he was ransacking her place…but didn’t seem like he wanted to harm her…

“Just need some rope to tie you to the bed frame and tape to gag you with…”

“I, um…have some in the nightstand next to me. Just don’t hurt me!”

“Good. Not looking to hurt…” He stopped as he found the rope and tape she was talking about. “PINK?! Pink rope. And pink tape?!”

“What?” she said coyly, batting her eyes at him. “A girl can’t have a favorite color for her toys…?”

Pantera Noelle for today.

“Look, lady…just tell me where the safe is!”

“Nuh-uh!” Sasha Fae said. She moved to and fro while in the ropes, enjoying their tightness as she tested them. They offered no release and she was loving that…


“It’s not my fault you know how to tie up a girl how she likes it! I haven’t been tied like this in years! Tell you what…there’s a vibrator in the drawer next to me. Tie it into the crotch rope and put it on full blast and I’ll consider it. Promise me you’ll gag me next and I’ll tell you everything.”

The burglar slapped his forehead in frustration. “Third ‘bondage bunny’ I’ve run into in a week. What’s this world coming to…???”

Sasha Fae for today.