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The first day was weird. I already told you that Ziva had to head home early…well, then I didn’t see Willow at all. Texted her…and she had problems with her room and needed to change it…so we postponed until tomorrow (today now) in the timeslot that Ziva had. Was kinda putting me in a downer kinda mood…

…until I shot with Lil’ Missy.

My Lord. She’s only been at this for two years and she’s already knocking it out of the park, day after day and my shoot with her was no different. Would’a done this sooner…had Bill Gates not sabotaged my laptop! A recent Windows Update also savaged Adobe…made it so Elements wasn’t getting enough RAM to complete tasks…had to go into my lappy’s regisrty to fix it (thank God for detailed Adobe forum posts!). I’mma shut up now…here’s 4 pics from the shoot!


My fave of the lot…SO EXPRESSIVE!

I would schedule my shooting right as the con opens…lol. Nuts…I was hoping to cruise the con floor once before my first shoot; wasn’t meant to be, I guess.

Like I said in my last post, the traveling was rough…787’s are CRAMPED; had to get a seatbelt extension to fit my fat ass…lol. First trip was fine (Tucson to Denver), but in Denver, who should saunter up to me to line up for boarding but model Ophelia Kahn! Had seen her on Twitter and was thinking of asking her about shooting, but she’s all booked, sadly. I find myself with a hole in the schedule as Ziva cancelled, sadly. Something happened to her while she was here (she arrived before I did) and had to go home to take care of it. So either I take it easy on Saturday (which it looks like is gonna happen) or I stress to find another shoot…this IS supposed to be a vacation, so I’mma just do the one shoot on the day when I was supposed to shoot her and Lil’ Missy UK.

The following 5 pics were from the Meet & Greet…time permitting, I’ll post some more.


Random Crowd Shot
Lil Missy UK. No wonder I booked her twice. 🙂
Kendra James.
Blair Blousson…She’s on the hit list for Sunday.
Lil Mizz Unique. I HAVE to get her in front of my lens someday.

Brother. I’m not as young as I used to be…lol. Traveling took a lot outta me; while I did go to the Meet & Greet, I crashed early. I did get to see most everyone I’ll be working with this con (Willow Langsky was the sole exception). The M&G was fantastic…it was so good to mingle with everyone!

Side note: Lil’ Missy is an absolute doll. 🙂

I did take pics, but they’re on my phone…gonna take my first spin of the con and see all the exhibits.

More later…


OK, from here until about the 16th, I’m doing posts ahead of time. Holy crap, it’s happening, isn’t it? I was sure that there was gonna be a second travel stoppage or some other nonsense, but yo, it’s actually happening! I’ll be on my way to FetishCon in less than 2 days! 🙂

Like I mentioned before, I’m pre-posting on the blog for a bit…but I’ll also blog on the days I’m at the con to give you fun little tidbits and maybe a sample or two of the gals I’ll be shooting there.

Talk to you later!


I got into her place easily enough; people need to invest more into their home security, I’ve found over the years. Started prowling around, noting what would be coming with me first, what would be easiest to take with me…when I heard a “mmmph”ing sound coming from what looked like the front room. Followed it…and there was a devastatingly hot brunette, sitting on the living room floor all tied up and gagged!

Quite a sight. She was gorgeous and all decked out in a hot little black dress and high heels. The ropework wasn’t all that much tho…like something that someone would quickly apply before moving onto other things…like robbing her. OY; was I robbing the robbed here? But no…the place looked normal enough…no obvious spots where high dollar stuff was taken from…just a hot Latina babe tied and gagged on the floor. I decided to investigate a bit and took off her gag…

“Who are you?” she staggered out of her mouth. “Are you robbing me? Wait…you’re a robber, right?”


“Ok,” she said, rolling her eyes a bit, “I think I can work with this. You’ve caught me, so I guess I have to admit to it…I *love* being tied and gagged…I have since I was a little girl. What you’re looking at right now is the best I can do by myself…which sucks, I know…and it ‘s helping me fantasize about being a girl abducted after a night on the town, dancing. But getting burgled…OK, this is a new one.” She took in a breath and looked me over, as if she was expecting me to do…something, I guess? “You don’t seem to wanna hurt me…so look. If you don’t tie me up and gag me in a way better setup than what I was able to do by myself, I’m going to start screaming and get my already-nosy neighbors to call the cops. You don’t want that, right? There’s more rope in that bag next to me…and maybe you can use the duct tape to gag me?”

Her breathing became ragged as if she was really digging the idea…I was gonna put her gag back and bail on the whole thing, chalk it up to the moon being out of alignment or some other craziness…but then she licked her lips and nibbled on the lower one in the sexiest little way…ugh.

I wound up not robbing her, and every Thursday night has been sexy ever since…

Janessa for today.