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I’m thinking the stories’ll return in September. Right now, best I can do is:

“Isobel was surprised by an intruder in her room! He demanded the McGuffin Device, but she had no idea what he was talking about…she wound up bound and gagged for her troubles. Check it out as she struggles to the door to summon help!”

Ugh. Weaksauce. 😛


So…some of you might be wondering how I am…I figure I have the COVID 95-98% beat. 🙂 I feel pretty good, still sound like I have a cold, tho (lol), but am no longer weak, etc. Still occasionally coughing, but the frequency has gone down large. I’m just happy that delivery services like GrubHub now partner with grocery outlets like Safeway, so when I run out of food, it’s not necessary to break my personally-applied quarantine. While I was first hankering down, GrubHub messaged me telling me that since I’m an Amazon Prime subscriber, I can get a year free delivery as GH has partnered with them, so I took advantage of that.

Been pampering myself with my favorite Tony-made meal…beef enchiladas. I may not cook much, but when I do…look out. 😛

Been hydrating of course…all in all I think I have this nearly beat…and am well-past any ability to pass it (I hit Florida on the 11th and stayed thru the 14th, and have read that you’re at your worst, passing-it-on-wise, for 10 days after initial exposure, so I figure I was unable to pass it anymore somewhere around the 21st thru the 24th…but now it’s 2 weeks past any of those days), I figure I’m fine to be in public; which is good as I wanna buy another home kit to test if I’m done with this crap. 😛

Looking at my Twitter timeline, I see that I wasn’t the only one to take an unwanted gift home from the Con…one person off the top of my head that got it was Kendra James, and there were others. I kind of expected walking away with this…every FC, I come home with a cold, this year I got that times 30…lol. Besides, Florida is the land where COVID doesn’t exist because their Governor says so. I’m not bitter. 😛

Brooke Thomsen for today.


Did I mention that I has the COVID, yet? 😛 The fact that I can joke about it tells you how I’m doing…I’m OK. It’s like getting over a really bad cold at this point, but a day or so after I got back from FetCon, I was beyond weak…the day before I went back to work, I feel like I slept 20 of the 24 hours of. :/ This shit is no joke…knocked me harder than anything I’ve ever encountered.

Incidentally…the fact that I have all my “jabs” is the difference between my suffering this at home versus a hospital on a ventilator. The jab was never promised as complete prevention…just keeping you from the worst of things; if you don’t have your jabs, get ’em. It’s worth it.

Shannon for today.