All posts for the day August 1st, 2022

She was the leggiest, sexiest babe on the dance floor that night. The dress she was wearing accented her luxurious curves just right; the heels made her look perfect. But she also had another look about her…boredom. She had the “been there, done that”est look about her; like every guy in the place had taken their shot at her and left her wanting. Wanting something…different. That was where I came in.

Sat next to her at the bar…and without a second thought ordered her a drink.

“Brazen thing, aren’t you?” she said with a smirk. “And what if I refuse your kind offer of a way to get me drunk?”

“Not my intention,” I said and smiled. “I want you lucid for what I have in mind. You…look bored, m’dear.”

“And you sound perceptive…perceptive enough for me to accept that drink. And what if I’m bored with you, little man?” She smiled as she took the first swig from the glass.

“You haven’t even heard what I have to offer yet, so I’m betting no boredom towards me. Y’know about that ’50 Shades’ stuff?”

“Ooooooooh… I’m aware…”

“Better when done properly by a *professional*, luv. Those idiots didn’t even know what they were shooting when they made that film. I’d like the opportunity to show it to you for real…with a more bondage-y twist…”

She downed her drink in one gulp to show me her enthusiasm for the idea, staring me straight into the eyes with an almost “I dare you” look about her…looks like I found the cure to her boredom…

CJ Molina for today.