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He was regretting the job from the moment he saw her. She looked GOOD…and the bondage just accented that. He knew that some day he’d wind up snagging some chick that’d appeal to him…and now it was more than just a job. When he removed her gag temporarily to get information from her, she even offered him an out…she was “into” bondage (that was a new one); she told him as long as he kept her in some kind of ropework and gag occasionally, she was willing to withdraw and live on what she’d manage to siphon of the family fortune….. WITH him.

So now he was watching her enjoy herself in the bondage, writhing to and fro and struggling all sexy for his viewing enjoyment (that was how SHE put it) in his bondage and controlling him from her bound and gagged position on the floor…

She had him exactly where she wanted him.

Dez for today…