All posts for the day August 4th, 2022

The stories take a small break for real-time chat with you all: FetCon is literally one week away from this post! 🙂 The blog will go into a kind of controlled limbo then…I’ll be making the week’s posts in advance, but as I shoot with gals, I’ll (as is my usual want) throw in updates as I’m working. Six shoots with five individual models…I’ll be shooting one gal twice (two different styles of ropework) as the opportunity to work with a British babe doesn’t come every day, right? Her, I already revealed to be Lil’ Missy UK (and GOD, am I excited about those shoots!)…mostly new gals (new to ME, anyway, they’re all veterans in the field), three new gals and two familiar faces. We’ll talk more about them in a dedicated post later, but for now I give you some Stacie Snow. 🙂