All posts for the day August 5th, 2022


I meant to do this earlier in the day, but I had to go out into the world to make the final preparations for the flight/arrival at St. Petersburg, Florida. 🙂 I was tired after going out (I’m on the buses and lugging groceries on it can be tedious…tho the buses in Tucson, AZ are free to ride until the end of the year!) and took a decent-sized nap…now that I’m conscious (lol), here’s the post I was promising you through the comments yesterday…TolstoyTony’s shooting schedule for FetCon 2022!

Each model will be showcased here in the shooting order I have them. 🙂

Willow Lansky. Willow is new to me, but has been around a bit…if you wanna learn more about her, here’s her Twitter:

Lil’ Missy UK. I’m so freaking excited about these shoots (I’m working with her twice over the Con), I’ve already talked about her in a post here, but below this will be a pic of her…you can see more of her at her Twitter:

Ziva Fey. Yah, I can just shoot with her here in Tucson (and we have at least one shoot upcoming in town!), but why not get her in the “hotel” environ as well? A shoot with Ziva is always a GREAT shoot! Here’s her Twitter:

Anastasia Rose. Anastasia is a three-time TucsonTied model and I just love being around her. Incredible energy, always bright and fun to hang with. And she ties up pretty good too. 🙂 Here’s her Twitter:

And finally, Blair Blouson. I’ll be a bit wistful when I get to Blair…our shoot is on the Sunday of the con and will be the last of my schedule. Always sad to wrap up a con… 🙁 This is Blair’s first shoot with me, but I’m certain you’ve seen her around a bit, like on my buddy Randy’s site on UnlimitedBondage (our parent group), BondageMischief. Here’s Blair’s Twitter:

And that wraps it up, as of 8/5. 🙂 If I wind up picking up any more shoots (I can already hear my bank account yelling at me, “NO!!!” :D), I’ll either update this post or tell you all in a separate one.

Wish me a happy FetCon 2022!!!


Bondage. WHY bondage?! She was happy with her new guy, and most guys she’d dated all had SOMEthing that fired their jets more than others…some as innocuous as a specific color of panties, for pity’s sake…but BONDAGE? She couldn’t figure it. The first time he’d asked to tie her up, it almost finished things between them as she found it just so…weird…but, the guy had been good enough to her in their relationship to at least warrant one go at it.

And it turned out she was *good* at it, at least…her elbows touched naturally behind her back as easily as two fingers of the hand that were next to each other could…something he assured her was a gifted talent and not something every girl could do. “And you know this little tidbit of human anatomy HOW, exactly?” she jokingly teased him, only to get the reply of, “Well, you’re not my first rodeo.” She found the joke cute enough to give him a chance to play at it.

Wasn’t the most comfy thing in the world…but arousing? Oh, yeah…especially when she saw him getting more and more “ready” for her…the bulge was unmistakable…and lordy, but how he USED it! She couldn’t deny that the sex was AMAZING…even moreso in how he managed to get AT her to begin with when she was tied…

Sasha Fae for today.