All posts for the day September 2nd, 2022

She must’a been getting all dolled up to go on the town or something when I made my little intrusion into her life, ‘cuz she looked like a knockout. Sexy black dress that showed a lotta leg, pantyhose, high heels…just completely hot all around. Not my usual kind of home invasion…I like to be around when the home owner isn’t, but I’m always one for innovation.

Grabbed her from behind and clamped my hand on her mouth…she struggled mighty fierce; just like I like ’em to. But then, once she realized she was caught, instead of mmmmmphing through my hand too much, she starts pointing…outright POINTING…at a bag in the corner of the room. Tryin’ to show me something, huh? Keeping her in my grasp, I dragged her over to the bag, kept one hand on her mouth and opened the bag with the other…

…only to find it filled to the brim with clothesline rope. The kind of rope you’d use to tie someone up with.

Well, this evening just got a whole lot more interesting, I’d say!

Sasha Fae for today.