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Bah…I recently instituted a new policy across the board to try and increase productivity…every typo I find in any document will result in a 2-hour in-bondage penalty being put upon them. One woman remarked, “Yes, Mr. Spader,” and went back to her desk…what the devil?

Next thing I know, I pull up a document I needed to send asap typed by this woman, and almost EVERY WORD in the document is misspelled…by the time I was finished counting, it ran into almost a full MONTH in bondage!

You think she’s trying to tell me something?

CJ Molina for today.


It was all very unexpected. Really.

I’m a waiter at a high-price hotel. Occasionally, I get a customer that flashes the credit card a bit too much or gives me the idea that he or she might have money and I pay their room a “visit”. To liberate said money from their pocket to mine. A re-distribution of the wealth as it were…you get it.

So, there was this knockout brunette…incredibly hot. She must’ve been on holiday as she was throwing the card around; tipped me a good amount, along with a spare key to the room. Well, now.

So, I let myself in at a time that I thought I saw her downstairs…turned out I was wrong and she was there. “Oh, no!” she said almost sarcastically. “I have a robber! I so HOPE he won’t use that rope in the bag next to the bed to tie me up and have his way with me…oh, that would be SO bad…” With that said, she winked and then put her back to me and crossed her wrists.

Well, this is gonna be a fun afternoon…

Drea Morgan for today.


Waitaminnute…when you’re up for a promotion, does it usually involve meeting your boss at a swanky hotel?

My boss is awesome…and a complete knockout. Sexy blonde hair, great legs…and she reminds me a bit of the gal playing Scarlet Witch for the Marvel movies. Might just be me.

Anyway. I signed on as a “Guy Friday”, I knew what the job entailed…but I did it for all the right reasons; at our law firm, she’s awesome, and if you’re in trouble, you want no one else BUT her at your side. She’s solved many a case where I thought our client was guilty…she not only cleared the person, but put an investigation towards who actually WAS guilty. I have a lot of respect for the woman.

Neither here nor there, tho. I found the room, knocked on the door and she let me in. Any hopes I might’ve had for more money at the job, or maybe a casual fling left me when I saw her…she was dressed as if she were going to court, and had a real “business” look on her face. Dunno why she had me meet her here, but it was def business.

“Thanks for coming…wasn’t sure you would,” she said and motioned me inside.

“I admit it’s kinda weird for me to meet you here, but I guess there was a reason…?” I said, letting my voice trail off at the question.

“Yes, there IS a reason…” she said and let her hair out of the very business-like ponytail she kept it in while working. “You’ve been VERY good to me. Most of the men at the firm still treat me like a joke, like as if a woman can’t get cases cleared as good as a man can do…”

“Your record alone tells different…”

“Thank you. But you also respect me; I can sense that and I can see it in the way you treat me. That’s why I’m going to trust you with something big…huge, actually.” She let her voice trail off and pulled a bag from the other side of the bed…then took off her jacket and revealed to me one of the best pairs of breasts I’ve ever seen…

“It’s hard, being in control all the time…” she continued and her skirt fell to the floor, revealing her gorgeous pantyhose-clad legs. “There’s times when I just want to NOT be in control…when I want to be totally dependent on someone.” At that, she pulled out some rope from the bag and handed it to me. “You know you’re up for a promotion,” she continued, “And you’re getting it no matter what happens here; let’s be clear about that. But honestly, I was hoping to be able to give you a different kind of raise as well…” At that, she pulled what looked like a rubber ball on a strap from her bag, put the ball in her mouth and buckled the strap at the back of her head. She then gave me a slight giggle and turned her back to me, crossing her wrists behind her.

Holy hell, my boss is not only gorgeous, but a bondage lover.

Working quickly, I tied her wrists behind her, then stood at her back. “I get what you’re saying here. I’m gonna go on auto-pilot…I know a thing or two about tying up a lover. But if I go too far, you let me know…” Saying this, I cupped her breasts in my hands and began squeezing them…in response, she let her head fall back onto my shoulder, and I could see her eyes closed with anticipation. Her breathing began to quicken and she pressed her body into mine…

ALL meetings from work should go this well, yes?

Star Nine for today.


She was something else, this one.

Tank top that barely hid how big her boobs were and flattered them massively, cute little denim skirt, legs that went on forever and the sexiest high heels. Picked her up thumbing her way down the highway.

She asked me to just bring her into town…and halfway there, she starts talking… “Well?”

“Well what?”

“Just my luck…I got into a car with someone that doesn’t like girls.”

“Now, waitaminnute…”

“I mean; fuck man! This van of yours…plenty of space back there! When you picked me up, I thought for sure I’d be getting attacked or something…at LEAST tied up and gagged…”

I pulled over the van and just sat there stunned for a second. “Ok, I get the hint…” she said and started to open the door…

“Now, wait a second…” I said and pulled her to me, putting one hand over her mouth, the other keeping her body close to mine. “Are you saying you WANT me to attack you?” I got a “thumbs-up” from her as a reply. “Well, I’ll be damned…and here I am, fighting the urge to do that… OK, honey…you want some fun, you get some fun…got plenty of rope back there…”

Magenta for today.



It was SUPPOSED to just be a burglary. But after I tied up and gagged the homeowner? Phew…chick was HOT! She’s struggling like mad to get out of her ropes and it’s turning me on large…well, she notices and struggles all the more! Then she nods her head at me to ungag her…

“Bleh…thanks. Look…I can clearly see that you like me….let’s make this interesting. Use my phone and take some pictures and video for my husband to find. Fucker is LOADED…and he’ll pay anything to get me back. Not that I intend on going…anybody that can tie me up THIS good? Fuck if I’m leaving THAT behind!”

I’m standing there stunned and she sees it… “Dude, don’t lose that hard-on from being shocked…I’ve wanted out of this marriage for a long time and you’re def a way out. We can talk about this more later…but for now, don’t you have something…harder…to gag me with?”

I certainly did…

Pantera Noelle for today.


Man, this chick is something else!

Usually, when I kidnap someone for ransom, it’s all, “Please let me go!” and “Please don’t hurt me!” and shit…gets old. But this one?

“You know…I can get out of this. I think you need some more rope.”

F’r real. She’s telling me how to kidnap her.

“Actually, my elbows can touch behind my back when I’m tied. DEFINITELY will keep me tied…no going back from that or escaping. You’ve barely got any rope on my body…I could use more. Honey, how much are you asking for me? I bet you could ask for more…my idiot husband has money on top of money…”

What a trip! She even helped me with the ransom video I sent out by acting extra scared and shit…had me take her top off and grab her boobs; gotta remember to do that more often, it added some extra drama to the video.

She’s actually kinda nice. She’s suggested asking for a big enough ransom for two to live off of…

Sasha Fae for today.


Normally, when I grab the girls, they give me more fight. Huh.

This chick, however…weird. Her father is LOADED, and I was looking for him to…share the wealth, ya know? So, I grab the apple of his eye, his little girl…and she’s a sight to see, lemme tell ya! The most absolute sexiest redhead with the best boobs…just yummy.

I take the place of her chauffeur (was easier than I thought; just bought the dude off) and drove her to my hideout…barely took any threatening to get her out of her dress and bra. Tied her up and gagged her to keep her still while we wait for Daddy to buy her back…

…and all the while she’s sitting there in her sexy heels and fishnet stockings, she’s winking at me! Trying to get me to notice her, I think…tossing her boobs here and there… Ah, the rich. Crazy as nutters.

Stacie Snow for today.


(Before storytime, I just saw that this’ll be the 4,980th post I’ve made to the blog. Holy crap, we’re hitting 5,000 soon…this blog doesn’t look a day over 3,000…lol. Thanks for the continued support and hope you all enjoy the craziness that is Tolstoy’s bogging career!)

Crazy….gah! She’s got me so flustered, I can’t even pull it out of me to call her names.

I see her walk into the hotel and she’s just broadcasting high class…dripping jewelry, expensive looking outfit, the works. And she’s hot as shit too; I don’t very often do hotel heists, but fuck it…the airport might be her next stop; I can’t lose this one.

So, I bust into her room, and she’s wearing a killer outfit and heels. I tell her to drop the dress, boom, she drops the dress…I tell her to lose the bra, boom, she loses the bra. Then I tell her to hand over her shit…straight-up NO. What do you mean, NO?

“I mean, no. I’m not giving you anything of mine. Now you’ve had your little peep show and I allowed you to see my body, get out!”

“You know I’m robbing you, right?”

“You’re not making it very clear, boy. Where’s your rope? Why am I still able to walk around? You do know I’m going to start screaming for help soon…”

“Look, I CAN tie you up, but I was hoping to do this without any force…”

“Well, that went out the window when you had me take my dress and bra off. You’ve got me going now, so if I’m missing the opera tonight, you’re going to make it worth my while…tie me up or I start screaming…and I expect you to discover how magnificent these boobs are with your hands…”

GAH! Bitch even had her own ball gag on hand…it’s like she was EXPECTING this. Crazy! And now, every Thursday until she’s “tired of it”, she says, I’m tying her up! Nuts! There’s worse things in life, I guess…

Kendra James for today.


The note I got from her was strange…”Meet me at the Hyatt, downtown. You’re bound to like the result.” It also said to drop my name at the front desk…and doing so provided me with a room number and key. Hmmmmm…

So, I’m standing just outside the door, and I hear the most lovely sound, one of my favoritest sounds in the world. Curiosity fully stoked, I open the door to find that I have the bestest girlfriend out there…’cause there she was, laying on the bed in my favorite outfit and heels, tied up and ball gagged, making the most LOVELY “MMMMphing” I’d ever heard.

“I heard you from outside, for pity’s sake…calm down a bit.” I mockingly said…but she didn’t pay me much mind. She just made a motion with her chin pointing at the desk next to to bed, then rolled onto her side, showing me her back…and a very disappointing set of handcuffs on her wrists. We’re ROPE people and she knows this…what? Ah, a note…

“Honey. Happy Birthday! I got you a more traditional gift; it’s in this room’s closet. But before you play with that, why not grab the rope at the other side of this bed and play with me? The rules are simple…there ARE no rules. I’m completely 100% yours tonight…you can do whatever you want to with me. You’ve made my life complete, so let me complete yours. And while you’re at it, get these stupid handcuffs off of me and give me some ROPE. I love you!”

“I love you too…” I said and went to the other side of the bed, finding our little “play bag” filled to the brim with rope. She’d done a lovely job on her pantyhose-clad legs, now to do up her arms. She winked at me, then gave me her best “What’re you gonna do with me?” look…she found out quickly.

Ashley Sinclair for today.


I grunted a bit as I dragged the bound girl towards the edge of the room, dropping her in a spot where she could brace herself by leaning into a wall. Damn it, why’d she have to be home? Always complicates things when they’re at home and I have to take measures to keep them out of the way. If there’s one thing I hate, it’s complications.

I leaned in to look at her face to face and said, “OK, look…it’s just a burglary; nothing personal. I’m gonna be walking away probably with your TV, maybe your stereo system too…I’m sure your insurance’ll get you back something even nicer…”

“You’re probably right… I can deal with the loss of them for a while…but it hurts to think that I got hit by someone that doesn’t like girls…”

“What’s that, now?”

“You’ve barely looked at me the entire time you’ve been robbing me. I would’ve at LEAST thought you’d take my tits out of this dress…” I snorted in disgust at her and did it just to spite her, then gave them a going-over just to be complete about it.

“I try to keep this separate from the burglary. No offense, lady…you’re hot and all, but burglary is enough to go down for as it is…burglary AND assault? Not my cup o’ tea. These ARE nice…”

“You don’t hear ME complaining…,” she said as she settled back, apparently loving the attention I was giving her. “Well, you WOULDN’T hear me complaining if you’d just gag me with that bandana I saw in your back pocket, anyways…then I couldn’t stop a thing you’d wind up doing to me, now COULD I?” She raised an eyebrow as she said that, almost daring me to go further.”

“It’s your party, lady…,” I said as I gagged her and began intensifying the attention I was giving her…

Janessa for today.