All posts for the day December 3rd, 2022

“I can’t fucking believe this…” Stacie said while she watched the girl struggle against her ropes. She wasn’t going anywhere, tho…I had Pantera tied to the chair well and good.

“That makes both of us…” I added, also watching the bound girl pull against the ropes I’d tied her with.

“I notice you didn’t pull HER tits out! Fuck…”

“Well, it’s not like we’re gonna ransom her off, or anything. Jesus!” We were both panicking, and actually had a reason to do so. “How the hell was I supposed to know she was following me when I picked up the ransom! Least she isn’t a cop…just some girl.”

“Just some girl who’s seen our faces and knows what this is about! Jesus, I can’t believe she tried to ‘rescue’ me…”

“What are we gonna DO with her?!”

“Yuuu cld jus’ gvve me smmme ‘fff the rnsmm…I’lllll frgtt I swww yu twwww…”

We both went quiet at that. “Have you called the police? Anyone at all?” Pantera shook her head “no”. “Fuck…what do you think?”

“How much do you want, you bitch?” Stacie said, throwing an icy stare down at Pantera, before ungagging her so we could get her answer clearly.

“$50,000 should be enough to make me forget you two…a bargain, really.”

“Opportunist, huh?” I said to her. “30K.”

“I heard you two talking about how much this scam was for. You can afford 50.” Stacie pulled her hand back and was about to strike her; I grabbed her wrist, stopping the blow before it could land.

I looked at Stacie, then regagged the seated girl. “I’ll take it out of my share. 50K and you disappear, you got it?” Pantera nodded. I went to the briefcase the ransom money was in and counted out $50,000, then put it in an envelope, which I then put under Pantera’s legs. “Forgive me if I make you WORK for it…you should be able to get loose in a few hours.”

Pantera let out a gutteral “MMMMMMMMMPH!!!” and started struggling against the ropework on her lovely body. Stacie took my cue and we both gave one of her boobs a tweak and a feel-up before we left her to struggle…

Pantera Noelle for today.