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Being a cop can have it’s drawbacks. Like when I get a case that speaks to my…personal…interests.

“Tell it to me again, miss…”

“Pantera. Pantera Noelle.”

“Tell it to me again, Miss Noelle.”

“Well, I was just walking along when I saw this guy pick up a briefcase. Was gonna stop him…I mean, what if that belonged to someone?”

“Or, he beat you to it and you wanted it yourself…” I thought to myself. “Uh-huh?” I said aloud.

“So, I followed him…and it turned out he was the guy that kidnapped that famous heiress, Stacie Snow.”

“No kidding?”

“REALLY! I knew her face; it’s all over the net right now. But I started listening to them…they were congratulating each other! It was all a scam! Then, they started hugging and kissing…they must’ve been in it together.”

“Uh huh.”

“But they caught me! I was leaving to get you guys when he found me and grabbed me from behind. He put his hand on my mouth and dragged me to a chair, and the girl threw him some rope to tie me up with. Assholes tied me up and gagged me before they made their escape. It was REALLY tight too…and they shoved a bandana in my mouth to keep me quiet…”

She was starting to get to me…I could feel myself “rising” to the occasion. She was a hottie, for sure…must’ve looked great bound and gagged…

…if it even happened.

“I managed to get loose, tho, after struggling for HOURS. You’ve gotta do something…they’re getting away…”

Oh, what people’ll do for fame, I thought. “We’re still investigating the case; thank you for your input.”

“Input? Now, look…you’ve gotta make those two pay…”

“We’ll let you know if we need any more statements…thank you.” The gal seemed a little flustered, but she left. Imagine; thinking we’d buy a story like that. Stacie Snow was obviously kidnapped by a professional…he pulled out her tits for the ransom pictures, for pity’s sake! No pair of lovers does that shit… Still, her story had left ME flustered enough that I couldn’t get out of my chair to see her out…not without hurting myself from the arousal I’d gotten, listening to her story.

Made a call to the wife… “Honey? I’m coming home a little early tonight. No, no, nothing serious…just do me a favor? Put on that black dress and those heels I like you in, along with some pantyhose. I think it’s time we checked out how good you are at escaping again….can’t be too careful. Yup, that sounds hot to me, too…see you soon?”

Dez for today.