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Things have a way of sometimes just working out, you know?

So…Brooke and I were looking to pilfer a schematic to make some kind of gizmo from a local manufacturer. We figured we’d just help ourselves to his…”executive assistant”…and she’d be able to tell us where to get the thing; well, it took a twist in our favor…

“Fucking asshole,” the now-FORMER assistant told us as we sat in her apartment, after tying her up. “I KNEW it was that little Rachel snob from accounts! UGH! Look…you two wanna hurt Blake? I was in the process of doing that, but you two coming along just made it better…I have the schematic to his latest invention…AND any copies he made. I was gonna just burn them…but you stealing them? USING them? Ooooooh…frosting on the revenge-cake. AND, I get a good tying up to boot…MMMMMPH!” That was all we needed to hear; the gag went in.

“Well…I’m kind of disappointed,” Brooke said with a defeated little shrug.


“Yeah…we’re done here. “Looks like I’ll just have to take the schematic and be on my way…”

“No reason why this partnership can’t become more…permanent, am I right?”

She kissed me at that and said, “I’m all yours, stud…”

Pantera Noelle for today.