All posts for the day January 2nd, 2023

Hello, all…Happy New Year!

First post I’m making in the New Year…2023, yo! 🙂 I know you’re seeing this on the 2nd, but I’m writing it on the 1st…figured that instead of me stretching the creativity (kinda tapped lately), we could do some catching up. But, if you need a story…

“There was this little chippie-bird reporter that was becoming a nuisance to me…kidnapped her just as she was gonna accept an award, so she was dressed up a bit. Turned out she liked being tied up, so we started dating; I was even able to show her the facts about me (I’m not a bad guy…) and she pulled her story and investigation. Just how things work out, I guess…”

There ya go. 😛 That’s just about the level of creativity I’m sitting at right now. 😛

Just about an hour before I have to go to work on this Sunday, Jan. 1st, as I type it. Got a pizza ordered from Papa Johns (large…Pepperoni, Canadian Bacon and Pineapple…yes, “Pineapple”; better to have fruit than dead fishes…). Lately as a part of my gaming, I’ve managed to resurrect my Fallout 3 install…which was no mean feat, as Bethesda, the publisher of the game, in all it’s “wiseness”, finally got around to removing a feature to it (“Windows Live”…an outdated way to game online), and the doing of that made some modding of the game impossible until the nice folks who make something called “FOSE” (Fallout Script Extender) recognize this version of the game.

It may sound like a sinister thing for them to do this…trying to end modding, but honestly, “Windows LIVE” has been outdated for almost a decade and needed a removing…and Bethesda has been VERY wonderful about modding; there’s two movements to bring outdated games (Fallout 3 and Fallout New Vegas) into the modern engine of Fallout 4 (“Fallout 4: The Capital Wasteland” and “Fallout 4: New Vegas”); basically re-creating the games from the ground up using more modern tools. Something like this would’ve been destroyed by companies like Naughty Dog, but Bethesda embraced the projects…the only interference they’ve given was to them using the original voice files (copyrighted) and it was fair. They’re both monumental undertakings…and some of it is already done…you can now play the Fallout 3 DLC “Point Lookout” in Fallout 4’s engine if you download a mod.

Anyway. I recently moved my gaming off of my work rig to a computer JUST for gaming…doing so meant I’ve had to rebuild my mod catalog for each Fallout game I play from the ground up…with this project complete, I now have 2 of the three finished…need to repeat this for Fallout New Vegas to complete the trilogy. It’s been an absolute gas playing Fallout 3 again…it’s just as addicting as I remember it…lol.

Work has been good…just “work”. 🙂 I’ve already reserved my room at the FetCon hotel; gonna be undertaking some precautions for next year as I don’t much wanna walk away from this con with COVID. 😛 I’m thinking I wanna hire Lil’ Missy again…also on my mind for my dance card are Miss Black Velvets, Kat VanWylder and a few others…things can change in 8 months, no? 🙂

OK, enough ramble…enjoy some Isobel Wren shots. 🙂


(PS: Pizza was delish…and yes, I did say “Pineapple”. :P)