All posts for the day January 3rd, 2023

“Oooooh…I *like* it when you’re forceful with me…”

She said that and chuckled…all the while, I had my hand at her throat. What was going on here? “Look, lady…all I need are the specs from your company’s latest project…”

“…and, while you need those, you need ME. So I’m not really in any danger here.”

“Lady, you’re testing my patience…”

“And here I was hoping I was testing your libido. Don’t you like girls?” She chuckled at that. Had to admit, she WAS a bit of a hottie…and being forceful towards her was getting a rise out of me…

“You sound like you have a bargain in mind…”

“I do, actually. Look, you want the plans for the Apoposis 3000? I, on the other hand, need to keep my job, make it look like you put me through an ordeal to keep them away from you…with the plus for me being I happen to love being bound and gagged…”


“OOOH, nothing like it. C’mon, man…this can work for both of us!”

“I get the plans?”

“Yes…and you don’t have to hurt me…well, not in the ‘violence’ sense, anyway…I’m hoping you play a bit rough…” She bit her lower lip and looked me straight in the eyes at that. I get the feeling she knew she was giving me the plans regardless and was just angling for a bit for herself.

“Alright, all right….I didn’t bring rope with me, though…”

“That little desk next to you…bottom drawer. My favorite ball gag is in there too. They’ll probably confiscate it as evidence and try to trace it as a way to get to you…lead them on a right pretty nowhere-chase, actually…”

“You sound like you think that’s a good thing…”

“Dude…give my hay a good tossing and maybe we can make this a regular Thursday night…” She winked at me when she said that.

Thaaaat was enough foreplay…I gave her that bondage. And the hay-tossing. She gave me the plans…my conscience wound up making me toss her 20% of the deal…and since then, my Thursday nights have never been better….

Erica Ross for today.