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“It’s nothing *personal*…just that my girl NEEDS to win this bikini contest and you’re the only competition that could possibly keep her from it. Try not to struggle too much, all right? You’re gonna hurt yourself…”

“Orrr trrrn u ON, myybe?”

Even gagged, I could tell she knew seeing her like this was getting to me. I’d do anything for my babe…huh, even kidnapping, I guess…but in the “I like bondage, will you let me tie you up” department? She was not very receptive to my desires. She wasn’t frigid or anything; our sex life was fine…just very vanilla; no kinks at all, which left me unsatisfied…

Stacie started struggling a bit at this point… “Um…quit it…?”

“Yu dnnt snnd lk u wnnnt me tu stpppphhh…” Couldn’t take it anymore…had to ungag her… “Ah, that’s better. Only reason I’m being reasonable about this is because this is a damn HOT tie. Can’t remember the last time someone tied me this good…” After saying that, she started wiggling in a way that allowed the crotchrope to sink in even deeper than I’d tied it…her hips began to buckle and her eyes turned back in her head…she was beginning to orgasm. Had to put my hand over her mouth to keep the exclamation from her down….

“MMMMMMMMMMPPPPPHHHHH!!!” She started breathing heavily, then nodded at me to take my hand away. “OMIGAWD. That…that was SO hot. I’m…I’m a mess. I don’t know what’s come over me…if it’s my being a captive that’s turning me on, not knowing what you’re gonna do to me, hoping you’ll do more maybe…” She stopped talking, then looked me in the eye. “Dude…fuck the contest; let her have it. If this is your thing…I’m at your mercy, man; but I gotta tell you, if you want me, the time is now…”

I put the gag back and pulled my phone from my pocket. “Silent” mode seemed best right now, somehow. I put it on a table and scooped her bound body up into my arms.

“Bedroom’s through that doorway, right?” She nodded enthusiastically and went back to struggling, knowing the effect seeing her move in her bondage had on me. I laid her on the bed, and with a wink from her we began a life adventure together….

My ex DID win the bikini contest. However, I’d like to think I won at something better…

Stacie Snow for today.