All posts for the day January 5th, 2023

She said that she needed to see me…and it sounded serious.

So, I get to her place…and I find wearing a little black dress and my favorite pair of heels that she owns; good LORD, but she was looking fine…

“We need to talk.”

BAM. Right in the door no more than five minutes, and I’m in trouble.

“What’s…what’s wrong, sweetheart?”

She gave me a little sigh and sat down. “Not *wrong*, really…I just need something…different.”


“Look, we’ve been together for a while, and don’t get me wrong, everything’s great! I just need us to change things up a bit…add some spice, I guess?”


“Well…I’ve been reading about fetishes…how getting kinky in the bedroom can help? How willing are you to try different stuff?”

“Well…if it keeps us on track, very.”

“Good.” At that, she drops a bag in my lap. Going through it, I found a bunch of rope and a red bandana. “I want you to tie me up. Tie me up and let me struggle around the floor a bit…”

I caught on and grabbed her from behind, putting my hand over her mouth… “Well…let’s make a game of it then. All right, lady,” I started, putting as much mustache-twirling-villain into my voice as I could, “This looks like a nice place, but I’m gonna have to tie you up while I have a look around…”

She caught onto my game, gave me a thumbs-up to show her approval and started struggling against my grasp. In response, I pulled down the top of the dress, revealing her class “A” boobs…

“Nice…I picked the right place to rob…” After getting her fully bound, I had to admit, she picked the right activity…I was hard as a rock for her as I watched her struggle. This was gonna be a night to remember…

Andrea for today.