All posts for the day January 7th, 2023

My girlfriend has a pretty tight circle of friends.

So, Andrea goes and tells Shannon about our little bondage adventure…it gets her boyfriend so hot that he ties her up on the spot. And now we find ourselves with her other girlfriend CJ Molina visiting us with a problem…

“It all sounds like a lot of fun…but I’m not seeing anyone right now.”

“Ohnoyoudon’t…” I say all in one hit. “Andrea…what?”

“Babe. I think CJ would look cute as fuck in rope. And I think you should PUT her in some.”


“Honey. I know you’re worried, but relax. I’m fine with this. And CJ’s already told me that if you and I get too…excited…we can excuse ourselves and take care of it. I wanna see her in bondage, and I wanna see you do it…tie her up.”

“Yeah, man…” CJ said. “Lemme see if this shit is as hot as she says it is…”


CJ Molina for today.