All posts for the day January 8th, 2023

“So…Andrea’s quite the little talker…”

Ah, fuck. When my incredibly-sexy boss, Sasha Fae, called me into her office, I thought I was in *work* trouble. Now, I’m wondering if I’m in *relationship* trouble…


“Bondage. Wouldn’t have seen it IN her. I’ve loved being tied up for years…it’s tough being the boss sometimes, you know? All the power and responsibility falls to me; means I always have to be in control…every once in a while, well, I like being OUT of control.”

“But…your husband…?”

“Ugh; don’t get me started…’vanilla’ as ice cream. Not sexually cold, mind you…but if I brought up anything like this, he’d lose his mind…”

“You never know…”

“Oh, I know. I asked to be on top once and he almost had a meltdown, of all things…”


“Right? And thanks for being so open that we can talk about this…I really appreciate it. You’ve always been more than an employee to me; a friend too.”

“Yeah; likewise!”

“Soooooo, I was thinking…maybe I can…’surrender’ myself to the two of you? Let you tie me up and just enjoy it? I’ve been DYING to get myself tied up again and this…ugh. Sounds SO awesome…”

“How does Thursday sound, boss…?”

Sasha Fae for today.