All posts for the day January 9th, 2023

What was that?!

Hmmmph…walking through the complex to get my mail when I start to hear sounds coming from one of the apartments. Little gasps…

I find the right place and press my ear to the door and hear these little “MMMMPH”s coming from inside… “Hang on in there; have you out in a jiffy!” I’ve put enough gags on girls to know what a woman sounds like gagged…started to work on the lock to get it open.

It was weird…the gasps went from almost ones of pleasure to panic…like she was screaming at the top of her lungs for me to go away. Or maybe the burglar who did that to her was still in there….got the door open and it was obvious what was going on. Judging from the bondage she was in, sloppily applied on her legs and “fuzzy cuffs” on her wrists, I’ve walked in on a self bind for pleasure. Would explain the almost-pleasure-filled gasps I was hearing earlier; dammit. Me and my nosy nature…

I took the knotted bandana out of her mouth so she could speak to me… “Damn paper-thin walls around this complex.”

“I’m sorry…”

“I don’t know what’s worse; that you got in here, or that you now know my secret…”

“Look, I…”

“What’s it gonna be to keep quiet? Spill it…”

“Look, nothing like that, Miss…?”


“Well, hey, Gracie.”


“So, um, yeah…thought I was coming to the rescue of a damsel…looks like she was in distress on purpose…”

“Well, I give you points for recognizing I like this shit, at least. Wanna tell me how ‘fucked up’ in the head I am now?”

I had to laugh. “No…’cause I’d have to tell myself that too. I’ve tied a few girls in my time; they’ve loved it too.”

“Oh, yeah?”

“Yup. I’m actually pretty good with the rope. Look…you’ve got no reason to trust me. It’s obvious that you’re OK; I should probably go…”

“No…it’s OK. I mean…I pulled my top down when I started this…and while you ARE staring (my eyes are up HERE, mister),” she giggled at that thought, “You haven’t made any moves I’d have to fight you to stop.”

“Sorry. They ARE nice. VERY nice.”

“Thanks…grew them myself. All right…why don’t you put the gag back…and use the rest of that rope over there to give me a REAL tie. Haven’t been able to get really tied since my stupid now-ex-boyfriend decided Mandy in 2C is cuter than me…”


“Thanks. For the startle you gave me, you owe me a good tie at the least…along with helping me pick out a better lock, maybe?” She smiled and winked, then opened her mouth to be gagged….

Indeed…the time for talk was over.

Gracie Ryder for today.