All posts for the day January 10th, 2023

“Thank you for joining me today, Dez.”

“MMMMPH!” Dez replied and sneered at me, tossing to and fro in her ropes and straining to speak through the gag. This was going well so far.

“Oh, you can’t have possibly expected things to have gone differently, dear. You’ve been rather…busy…of late. Interviewing my friends, and in some cases even family in order to get to the “dirt”, of which there IS none, but you manufacture plenty, all in an effort to ruin me, Miss-Plucky-Reporter…”

Dez, for her part, snorted at my rantings and continued to try to free herself from the ropes; grunting through her gag as every move seemingly caused discomfort, but made no ground.

“You might want to consider slowing your struggles; they can’t be doing you any good…unless you’re TRYING to drive that rope between your legs even deeper…” In response to that, she brought her hands around to where I could see them and flashed me her middle finger…


She smirked in reply to that and turned her head away from me and continued her struggling…..

“Well, no matter. My ‘disposal team’ will be here soon enough. And when I say ‘disposal’, don’t fret; I’m not banal enough to have you killed…I’m simply removing you from the playing field. Whether it’s to a forced labor camp or something more fitting to your charms and beauty, and can maybe make me some money in the background, I’m unaware. The final outlook, though, is bleak…and let’s be clear of something, Dez…there is no ‘Superman’ coming to rescue his ‘Lois’….”

I stopped at that. “Omigawd. I’m sorry, babe.” Dez looked at me questioningly, and stopped struggling. “Man…went off the RAILS there into cartoonishly-villain! You sure you’re OK with this stuff?” Dez nodded, then shot me a “thumbs-up” and blew me a kiss…as well as she could while gagged, of course. “OK…and thanks for being patient and understanding. You look SO freaking hawt…when I get to the part about him deciding to keep you himself, it’ll be worth it, tho… OK, back into character…”

Dez giggled and went back into her struggling, putting in extra effort to get my character to “notice” her…and it was working; I’ve never had more desire for her in all the three years we’ve been together…

“You know, tho, Miss Dez…maybe we could spare that…if I had a reason to keep you myself…” Dez took my cue and raised her dress hemline a bit and began to shake her boobs at me…

Dez for today.