All posts for the day January 12th, 2023

Snag the secretary first. If anyone knows, it’s the secretary.

I needed some info from a local socialite…but I figured that the hired help might be able to tell me more, so I kidnapped the gal just as she was leaving for her workday with the woman.

Spirited her off to a good hiding place. She gave me little to no resistance…rides inside a trunk tend to do that to some hostages, but this gal was relatively more quiet than normal…

…until she started orgasming. Guess captivity is a thing for her; wouldn’t be the first time I’d found someone like that.

I ungagged her…she was out of breath from the climaxing, anyway…needed to talk to her. “Need some water? Cigarette, maybe?”

“Water, yes…cigarette, fuck you.” I put a bottled water to her lips and she downed the bottle in one hit. “Phew…thank you. It’s been a while since someone’s tied me this good. Forgot how much I enjoy it. All right…you’ve kidnapped me for *some* reason. You know I’m ‘into’ this now…may have to hold out on giving you info just so you can ‘punish’ me with a magic wand…”

“Business first, play later.” She muttered “…tease…” under her breath; thought it was kinda cute. “I need info about your boss, Stacie Snow…”

“Are you kidnapping her? I’d give a month’s salary to see her tied up like this…”

This kid was my kinda kinky…wonder if she was looking to change careers…?

Pantera Noelle for today.