All posts for the day January 13th, 2023

(Side note: Oh, shit…it’s Friday the 13th today. Don’t cross the paths of any black cats…and stay away from slashers with machetes. :P)

Pantera was good to her word…so much so, I offered to keep her captive on Thursdays. She asked me if I was flirting with her…and told me to get her some video of her boss, bound and gagged. I may have found me a new girlfriend.

I just needed a gate code…and Pantera was able to provide. Now, I needed to neutralize her limo driver so I could get his uniform…

…OR, I could kidnap his woman and make him drive Stacie to me.

It was a plan that had too many complications…I like playing life the hard way, and I’d get to see another woman bound and gagged. Life goals. ‘Course it also negated my reason for kidnapping Pantera…but I chalked it up to getting a new girlfriend out of it.

Snagged the guys woman, Hannah Perez. REALLY hot chick…she took to the bondage like a fish to water. The funny part came was when I was ransoming Hannah back to him…he was the usual, “Don’t hurt her, you monster!”, but when I told him what he wanted, his exact words were, “You didn’t need to kidnap my girlfriend to get me to do THAT. Hell, I’d’ve let you PAY me to bring her to you; the bitch.” I had the phone call on speakerphone…Hannah nodded to what he was saying.

Secretary offers a gate code on her, limo driver becomes an almost-active-participant in the kidnapping…how many people hate this chick, anyway?!

I told him I was keeping Hannah as insurance that he’d do what I told him to and not get the law involved; he said that was fine and that it gave him an alibi, anyway. After he cleared it with his girl, of course. Ungagged Hannah and let them talk a bit, and she agreed it was for the best…she also told him to buy some rope.

Wound up giving her my spare ballgag. She turned out to be a peach.

Hannah Perez for today.