All posts for the day January 14th, 2023

All I had to do was wait at this point.

Went to the spot where I’d told Stacie’s limo driver to take her and hankered down. Got there a touch early in case things went sideways. Was also kinda regretting leaving Hannah…we traded gossip for quite a while; I was doing people a favor making Stacie disappear; she had no love for the woman.

My time for musing came to an end…the limo drove up and the driver got her out…

“OK, you bastard; I brought her. Where’s Hannah?” Stacie looked shocked at his betrayal. “I’m sorry, miss…this guy has my girlfriend captive; I had to bring you to him to exchange…”

Stacie looked shocked. “What’s going on here? You’re helping him kidnap me?”

“Like I said, miss, he has my Hannah…” Stacie had spun around to look the limo driver in the face, putting her back to me. I took that as an advantage and grabbed Stacie from behind, putting a chloroform-soaked rag over her nose and mouth. Gave it a bit of time before Stacie passed out and dropped her to the ground…I lifted her arm a couple of times and let it drop to the ground to show me she was truly unconscious and not faking.

“OK, she’s out,” I told the driver. “You should be covered, alibi-wise…”

“Is my Hannah okay?”

“Yep. She’s waiting for you at this address…” I gave him a note and a key. “Room’s rented out for the full day under an alias. She told me to tell you to get your ass over to her…and bring yourself ready. I think the bondage got her hot…you guys might not be leaving that room for a bit.” He smiled and took off after Hannah…fortunately, the place I left her at was within walking distance.

Put Stacie back in the limo…drove it to an exchange-car and changed over, effectively dumping the limo. Drove the car to my hideout, and carried a still-unconscious Stacie inside. Once inside, I decided against banally stripping her, instead opting to just show off her tits to me…

Jesus, what a pair.

Had to take a second to admire them…then tied and gagged Stacie. She just started coming around as I was shoving a ball gag into her mouth…


“There we go,” I said, finishing my bondage on her. “Don’t go TOO hard on your driver; I had his woman, after all…” I was beginning to feel bad for the guy…the way Stacie was looking at me when I spat out that sentence, he may be unemployed, even WITH my kidnapping Hannah. “Anyway, you stay there…have to call my boss.” Stacie began struggling with the best of them…this was no bondage lover here…

“Yeah,” I said into my burner phone, “I got her. You better have my payment ready…”

Staie Snow for today.