All posts for the day January 15th, 2023

Took a bit of driving, but I got Stacie to my boss.

Carried her inside the abandoned warehouse and yelled out, “I’m here with her.” A spotlight hit me, and I turned around in a circle, showing that I had no weapons on me.

My employer walked over to me with two bodyguards (they’d be better called “Godzilla #1” and “Godzilla #2”), flanking him. I offered up Stacie and one of the bodyguards took her, threw her over his shoulder and walked away. A shame…I was gonna miss those tits.

“Well done,” my employer remarked. “She had been impossible to get to; the person I’m contracted out to will be most pleased.” He handed me a suitcase and a set of car keys. “VIN number untraceable on the car…and non-sequential, small bills, as you asked for. Also, I left you a small surprise in the trunk of the car.”


“Yes…a recent…acquisition…of mine has become very unhandable. Thought of disposing of her, she might prove enjoyable to you. You can set her loose or do what you will with her…she can’t be tracked to either of us. Consider it a bonus.” With that, he turned and left….I went to the trunk of the car and found an outstandingly hot brunette struggling in the trunk against some bondage. As it turned out, she wasn’t struggling with the bondage, she was struggling to finish an orgasm before whatever was gonna happen to her happened….she had just finished when I opened the trunk. She flushed bright red as she realized the cat was out of the bag and I knew she was aroused….

Wonder if Pantera likes threesomes…?

Sasha Fae for today.