All posts for the day January 17th, 2023

I *KNEW* being a judge for this contest was gonna give me some perks!

So, I was named as a Judge for a local beauty contest…it may have had some connections to Miss USA or Universe; I don’t know. The important thing was, I had a position I could use…that’s where Dez came in.

Dez was a definite hopeful…she could probably win it on her own, but she thought she’d need an edge. She asked me to tip the scales in her favor…

“Y’know, if I was to win that contest, I could be very nice to someone…”

“Hmmmm…might be some red tape attached to that…or some white rope….”

“You wanna tie me up? Hmmmmmm……”

“Yes. Let’s see how you’ll look for the contest in your bikini…or, just the bottoms,anyway, all tied up and gagged. Then, I could see to eh, making my vote count for you…”

Dez for today.