All posts for the day January 19th, 2023

Hey, y’all. 🙂

I’m looking at another weekend, and so I’m about to do 4 blog entries in a row to cover it, so I don’t miss a day absent-mindedly while I’m off. 😛 I don’t feel a massive 4-parter in me; so I’mma ramble a bit here and then do maybe a single story with a 2-parter to cover it…not sure, really. Doing this keeps the blog updated until Sunday, then I’ll start doing them ahead of time again for the week.

Anyway. Coming to you all from FetLife…where a fan suggested that I bring throw-rugs clear across the country to cover the FetCon Hotel’s checker-patterned carpeting. She meant well; said that she felt the pattern distracting, and by putting throw rugs or maybe a small carpet in the room it’d improve things. I stand dubious…and the pattern’s never distracted me; it’s an obvious hotel setting and they ALL have something like it…just means I need to shoot in less hotel rooms…lol. Well; when more models start showing up in my area, I’ll start shooting around the house more. We all know how that goes. 😛

I wander around the net here and there. Caught a video of Stacie Snow recently that reminded me why I always liked working with her so much…””, I think, was the producer. He tape gagged her PERFECTLY…and the black tape showed no wrinkles; have to remember that. 😛 Anyway…it was a NICE scene…and a FetCon one to boot, complete with checker-patterned floor. Made me realize something…I never could decide which gag I liked on her the best: cleave gag, tape gag, or ball gag. Some models I have pegged for one type or another (Candle Boxxx, for example, will always be someone that looks best in a ball gag in my mind…just wish I’d used it more on her, looking back…:P), but Stacie? Nope…she looked equally great in all three. For this blog, let’s have a look at all three…and you tell me…which is YOUR fave on her? I have yet to decide…

Stacie Snow for today.