All posts for the day January 20th, 2023

I thought I’d seen everything as a pizza delivery guy. Then, there was Sasha…

Oh, Lord. Standard delivery…at least she didn’t like fish on her pizza. Whoever thought fish was a good idea on pizza…probably the same nut that started putting FRUIT on theirs. Whatever…I just have to deliver them, not eat them. Sasha herself? WONDERFUL gal; she was a semi-regular…we talked a lot after I’d left her pies off. She even shared a slice with me once…NICE gal all-around.

So, I get to her place and I hear a weird sound coming from inside her apartment…kinda muffled breathing. The door was cracked, so I pushed it open…and saw a gorgeous babe, bound and gagged on the floor! GREAT legs…but her back was facing me and she didn’t notice that I’d gotten in. She was pumping her thighs…and it looked like a rope was between her legs. After I noticed this, she exploded into a climax…she was really digging being tied up. After this she rolled over, and winked at me.

I’ve had gals try to seduce me to get a free pie before, but this? This was special…and after I talked more with her about it, we’d spend Thursdays together no differently…

Sasha Fae for today.