All posts for the day January 21st, 2023

Have to stand firm. I’ve let Pantera Noelle slide too many times on rent…almost like she’s living for free at the complex.

Have to remember…I’m her LANDLORD, not her friend. The time where it was tough to get money because of lockdowns and coronavirus was past; she needed to make good.

I knocked on her door…then heard what I thought was her telling me I could enter…and when I did, I found her topless, bound and gagged sitting on a chair, wearing a SEXY dress and heels. I rushed over to free her…only to find a note in her lap. Picked it up and read it… “Maybe there’s other ways I can catch up on the rent?”

She took a HELL of a gamble here. Must’ve noticed me checking out her legs when she wore those short-shorts. Dammit…the “never date the renters” mantra I always use is getting put to the wayside here…

Pantera Noelle for today.