All posts for the day January 23rd, 2023

“Thank you for joining me for today’s episode of ‘Dez Talks’. With me today, I have ‘internet celebrity’ TolstoyTony…hello, Tony.”

“Hiya, Dez.”

“Today, I’d like to explore this phenomenon that’s sweeping the nation, thanks in no part to you…’Bondage’. Tolstoy, what makes you think that a woman’s natural state is being bound and gagged?”

“oh, here we go…”

“What was that?”

“I’m sorry, Dez. can’t help but be exasperated…not sure where this whole ‘natural state’ thing came about…I never SAID that. I simply said that this was an interest that if people tried they might like…”

“But only WOMEN…?”

“No, not only women. “

“How about THIS woman, then?”

“Dez…I’d like to think that half, maybe three-quarters of America would applaud me greatly if I were to put a gag into that mouth of yours…(studio audience explodes into laughter)…”

“Oh, very funny, big shot. C’mon, right here, right now…tie me up!”

“If you insist…”

Dez for today.