All posts for the day January 24th, 2023


Nuh-uh, me am stoopid today…I suck at being hooman/adulting. 😛

So, I get up…shave, have breakfast…then go straight to video gaming until it’s time to go to work.

Anthony. bitch, YOU FORGOT TO DO A BLOG POST! 😛

So, I get set to do the work-from-home job, do a few things before I get started (check e-mails, etc) and start to go to work…I DIDN’T CLOCK IN AND WORKED FOR A FULL HOUR LIKE THAT! 😛 My boss noticed a post, an hour later, in our team chat that I did, and asked if I’d just started…then told me that the folks who watch the clock figured I just took the day off and called me in as “sick”…lol. My boss straightened it out and everything’s OK…but man, I iz absent-minded today. I haz ZERO mind, even! 😛

Ugh. Enjoy some Drea Morgan, gang…and be thankful that you’re not me today. 😛


(Incidentally, I put this shot in my own personal “Top 10” I’ve ever shot…this one’s amazing; love it!