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Doing paid kidnappings isn’t that bad a line of work, actually.

There’s a literal TON of work to it, and even a ton MORE paperwork to ensure that both parties stay safe…and my insurance is a nightmare you wouldn’t believe! But, occasionally, I meet a client that makes the work behind all of it worth it…

Currently, that’d be Dez.

Can’t fault her for her imagination, at least…gal wanted to be ”kidnapped” as part of a “home invasion” orchestrated by a rival in a swimsuit contest…far-fetched as it was, I’d worked with weirder…

Anyway. The contract was for me to enter by the back door, surprise her while in her swim suit and heels (the “contest outfit”, I assume), overpower, tie and gag her, and keep her for three hours, forcing her to “miss” her “competition”. It was almost too real…and I was just starting to believe that I actually WAS hired by a rival, until I got the note taped to the door…

“Thanks for agreeing to my kidnapping. Door’s open…I left some stuff for you in the fridge to munch on while you’re holding me. Dez”

How sweet! Gonna have to make sure to give her high marks on her file…

Dez for today.


I watched the girl struggle on the floor with the ropes I’d tied her in…

It wasn’t a bad struggle, really. She was putting some effort into it…and considering what her day had been, oy! I found her on the side of the road with her car’s motor gone and picked her up…it was just a small matter to tie and gag her for the ride. Speaking OF that ride, it was hard as all get out to focus on the road while hearing little “MMPH!”s from the back seat and occasionally watching her struggle in the rear view mirror.

Brought her here and carried her into my living room where shes now struggling….


“Ah.” I said to her while she was struggling. “Afraid your time is up…gonna have to cut you loose now.” After saying this, I knelt down next to her and removed her gag.

“Wait…that’s it?”

“Well, no…I’ll drive you back to your car, of course; it’s part of the service. But yes…your ‘kidnapping’ is indeed over.”

“Phooey. Look, um…this stuff kinda…gets to me, you know? You’re kinda cute…any way we can negotiate the services…up a bit? A little something more…physical?”

Sigh. Another day, another “kidnapping”…

Magenta for today.



OK…that’s weird.

I mean…I’m a burglar, right? I’ve tied up MANY a homeowner/apartment dweller in order to get some swag to fence…but busting into a place and finding the gal who lives there ALREADY tied and gagged?


She’s sitting on the floor with a sloppy as fuck cleave gag in her mouth, rolling around and then she sees me…the blushing was real. She saw me and she started blushing hard. So, curiosity gets the better of me and I go over to her and remove the cleave gag…

“OMIGOD…this is sooooooo embarrassing. Are you here to rob me or something?”


“Yeah, look, about that…my regular guy has already been here…”


“Uh-huh. He robbed me about two months ago and he tied me sooooo well, I asked him to tie me once a week regardless. I like being tied up and gagged, and he was SO GOOD at it…”

“Pffffft…I can tie you better than this…”

“Oh yeah? Money’s where your mouth is, hotshot…”

So, how did my day go? Untying and retying a sexy babe…I used a tape gag as I thought it was sexier. She liked it so much that my day with her became every Thursday…

Janessa for today.


“All right chick…” I remarked as I looked at the bound girl on the bed, straining against her ropes, chewing at her gag. “Stay still and there…I won’t be long robbing your room. I put your legs in that position, frogtied, for a reason you know…”

“Frggtddd?” she remarked through the cleave gag.

“I don’t know why they call it that, but that’s what it is. But it does leave you…open…to my whims.” She giggled at that…

“Cppt frrr th pnntyhsse…” she said and winked.

All the rooms I have to hit, I get a bondage girl turned on by being tied…

Drea Morgan for today.


No story this time…thought we’d just talk. 🙂

How are you guys doing? I like talking with you all…without you, I am nothing, after all…even the spammers. Crazy, right? I just deleted two spam links…this blog’s spam catcher works VERY well, by the by. Have to say, however, the site that you were linking to had a couple of models with VERY nice chests; I’d hire them to work for me if they did bondage. 😛 Very pretty girls.

Moving on…you know I’m a gamer…just got the Resident Evil 4 Remake…it’s bloody awesome; my time spent there has been fun.

Shoots? If you follow me on Twitter ( you’ll know I just wrapped a shoot with Ziva Fey. 🙂 Did I have a great time? An AWESOME time; Ziva’s amazing. Did I get some great stuff? Not entirely sure yet. 😛 When I shoot here at home, I usually let the camera sit a few days before pulling the card out and inspecting the material…it’s a weird quirk I’ve not been able to move past. I believe there were some AWESOME shots and cool vids…I’ll know Monday for sure. When Resident Evil 4 Remake allows me some free time to look at it. 😛

Life in general? GREAT…but with April coming on, I have to dig a hole and fall in…it’s usually this month that I choose to get my airplane tickets and schedule a ride to the hotel from the airport for FetishCon…time to start saving money for paying for all of this and any and all shoots I wanna do…Amazon orders are gonna be kept to a minimum…lol. As to FetCon? Only one shoot scheduled so far; well, a pair of shoots with one model…Alba Zevon. And if that name isn’t familiar, you owe it to yourself to chase her down on Twitter; she’s amazing! I get to try out what little Italian I know on her to see if I’m actually making sense when I throw it out there as she IS Italian. 🙂 Huh…last year, I worked with a “Brit Bird” (Lil’ Missy, who I hope to see there again and work with), this year, an Italian. Gonna have to keep this theme going. 😛

Ok, I gotta go…my lunch just arrived (writing this on Sunday around 11:30 am), and Carl’s Jr. is just as sloppy as I remember it being (lol); don’t wanna get sauce all over my keyboard and I’m hungry. 😛 Thanks for listening to me ramble…here’s Gracie Ryder. 🙂


The hits just keep on coming!

I posted an ad in an “edgy” paper from around town asking for models…so far I’d shot with Stacie Snow and Sasha Fae, and regular Pantera Noelle stopped by with a new look. Now, I’d gotten a response from someone calling herself “Erica Ross” and a “natural submissive”. I took that to mean she loved being tied and gagged, so I had her stop by for an interview….

…but when I saw her, I decided to skip the interview and go right to a shoot with the outfit she’d showed up in. No better way to start a friendship/working relationship, right?

Erica Ross for today.


One of my regulars, Pantera Noelle, gave me a call, telling me she had put together the BEST “secretary” look for me, did I have any openings?

“Well, hon…why don’t you come over and show it to me?” She did…and if she were MY secretary, she’d never get a thing done, what with me keeping her tied and gagged all day…

The shoot with the new girl, Stacie Snow, was about to pay dividends.

She was a pip to hang with and took to the bondage like a fish to water. Didn’t even mind when I asked her to remove her top; but then again, the ad I posted DID say that toplessness was expected. Anyway…she liked the experience so much she said she was sending someone my way; she said her name was Sasha Fae.

“Hello, Sasha…” I said as I let her in, sometime later.

“Hi…nice place.”

“Well, you’re either good at understatement or you’re being nice.” She laughed at my joke. “Ready to start?”

“Ready, willing and able…” I guided her to the bathroom and she got into the first outfit I wanted to shoot her in…she seemed to be able to walk so effortlessly in those heels; she was almost gliding across the floor.

“Well, now…” I said as I looked her over. “Pretty as a picture…now let’s make some!”

Sasha Fae for today.


The ad looked promising.

“Top dollar paid for bondage modeling. Posing for still pictures and video while in full bondage and gagged. Full nudity not required, toplessness expected. Hourly rate. Inquire for more details: XXX-XXX-XXXX”. Stacie thought to herself, “Well, with the rent due, might be fun to try. besides…being tied up is so hot…”

Stacie Snow for today.


Walked into the room with a gorgeous brunette over my shoulder.

She was giving a little struggle here and there but for the most part was still. I could feel her breathing and every now and again she’d give me a grunt or MMMPH from behind the gag. Oh…did I mention I had my little hitchhiker bound and gagged? No…I don’t think I did.

Pulled the bed from out of the couch with one hand, steadying my captive with the other…then very unceremoniously plopped her onto it once it was fully extended. She looked all around, checking where I’d taken her to….

“Stay here for the moment,” I said to her. “Don’t try to get away.” She nodded, and winked at me twice. “Ah, geez. Ankles?”

“Wrrrrsts,” she replied through the gag, letting me know where the trouble was. I moved around to her back and put one finger inside the ropes tying her wrists together in an attempt to relieve any troubles. She made an outright sexy sound of relief. “Thhhhnk yuuu.” she mumbled through the gag.

“Alright, then,” I said. “I’m going back to being a kidnapping bastard then,” I said and winked at her. She nodded and went back to looking scared.

I didn’t know how my girlfriend was going to take it when I told her about my love for bondage. Really lucked out when she said she wanted to try it…lucked out even further when she took to it like a fish to water! Now SHE’S coming up with the bondage games we play, like this one, where I picked her up on the side of the road, tied and gagged her and brought her home for fun.

“Now…” I said and caressed her thigh, moving upwards as I went. “What CAN we do with our day…?”

Lola Lynn for today.