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She thought she was being stealthy in her black leotard…I caught her straight on.

My boss told me to expect an industrial spy of some sort…he neglected to tell me how CUTE she’d be…OY. Grabbed her from behind and knocked her out, then tied and gagged her so I could wait for the cops.


Once she woke up and realized I had her tied and gagged, she flopped around on the bed a bit…then, I think, went over into an orgasm. She stiffened, her eyes rolled back into her head, and then she relaxed. I had to know.

Took the gag off… “Ohmygawd,” she started. “SO unprofessional, but wow…guess it’s been longer than I thought since I’d been tied…and you tie GOOD too. So, um, what happens now? Are you gonna turn me over to the cops?”

I chuckled and put my hand on her hip. “Actually, I could use a spy of my own…if you’re for hire. Consider the bondage a perk you get for…peak performance. A bonus, if you will.”

“Sign me up…” she said.

Brooke Thomsen for today.


Papa Tony feels the need to lecture really quick. 🙂

Rant the first: Just coming here from Twitter when I was listening to a vid from a model who lives in my “I MUST work with her before I retire” bucket list, Ariel Andersson. Apparently, some wanker (and she calls him a “wanker” twice in the vid, so I feel the need to repeat the word…also, it’s earned) decided to take a custom that he had shot with her and do something ungodly with it (re-edited it to make her look like she was…interacting…with male actor), and was SELLING the product.

First the obvious…if you’re gonna get “cute” with your edits, keep it to yourself. Secondly. Ordering a custom does NOT, I repeat NOT, give you the right, legal or otherwise, to upload and distribute the content online, be it for views on some godforsaken “Tube” site or and especially not for profit.

Some things you think you don’t have to say…life constantly amazes me.

Rant the second: If you use one of those godforsaken “Tube” sites or some other abomination free site to see my content…just don’t.

#PayForYourPorn #PYFP

Also saw a situation with a new fave model, “IvyBlonde” on Twitter (she works with Alba Zevon) about someone who tried to get her content off of C4S without paying for it (fraudulent card or some such thing). That almost pisses me off as much as when someone tells me they saw my video on “Free Site X” and loved it…your love means nothing to me. Be a CUSTOMER and I’ll take your praise to heart.

Pay for your wank material. I do and so should you. Another thing you think you don’t need to say…oy. I honestly think sometimes that we the models and producers should all produce NOTHING for a month or two to make people see what a world without new porn would be like…it’d probably change nothing, tho.

Phew…I feel better now. 🙂

CJ Molina for today…see her vids on by becoming a CUSTOMER, please.


“All right, kid. Now that I have you here, it’s a waiting game.”

After saying that, I gave her body a once-over to make sure I actually HAD her. The bondage was minimal, but it was all that was really needed to keep her still…the black tape gag would keep her quiet…which she WAS, now that I think of it…VERY quiet. Not even the smallest little peep through the gag.

I went about my business, taking the pictures I needed to convince her parents that I had her…a couple times, I actually caught her POSING and told her to relax her legs. Have to admit, she did know how to flex to make herself look good…

After a little bit of this, she started moving her head…beckoning me with her chin to come closer…I did, and out of curiosity, I took the gag off…

“I’m not afraid of you,” she said with a voice that was almost seductive. “Are you going to let me go when my parents pay the ransom?”

“Well, yes…”

“Dammit.” Have to admit, I was kind of shocked at her saying that.

“What do you mean?”

“Fuck, man…I was hoping to ‘Bonnie & Clyde’ a bit with you…maybe we kidnap a little chick to play with along the way, here and there…” I was close enough to her for her to plant a kiss on my chest and then look me in the eye…she wasn’t kidding! “Life is so boring…you’re my spice, man…”

We collected the money from her parents…and a few of her rich friends started disappearing too, as she knew the security codes to their mansions…

Magenta for today.


She looked expensive.

Saw her around the hotel lobby…and she just looked like she had money…and money to burn. So, I followed her back to her room…and just after she opened the door, I grabbed her from behind, put my hand over her mouth, and walked us both in.

I let my hand off of her… “The only thing I wanna hear out of you is the combo to this room’s safe…”

“6265…” she said without hesitation. “And there’s some really good stuff in the dresser drawer…MMMMPH!” Knowledge gained, I covered her mouth again and walked her to the bed…and unceremoniously dumped her on it.

“Stay there…” I hissed at her…she almost looked disappointed that I’d let her loose…a theory that was compounded by what I saw when I opened the drawer she wanted me to…nothing by rope and gags in it. This kid was planning a WEEKEND.

“Well, I guess you’re gonna want to keep me still and quiet, right?” she said…and started stripping down to her pantyhose and heels. “You’ll have to make it a hogtie…anything else just gets me excited. Hogties make me quiet while I concentrate on the…MMMMPH!” Silenced her again…but this time with her own ball gag that I found in the drawer.

“Hogtie it is,” I said.

Chrissy Marie for today.


Today, we break type and I give you a “shooting story” from this shoot with Ashley Sinclair.

She was a complete joy to work with…I look back on the shoot with fondness…and I fun little story I’ll never forget. True fact here…every gal that I shoot in pantyhose leaves the shoot WITH the hose used in the shoot…pantyhose seems like an underwear bit of clothing; wouldn’t wanna wear underwear after someone else did even IF it were washed…plus, I have ZERO idea how to properly care for the stuff. 😛 I’m telling you this part of the story to make you realize…I own a “shooting wardrobe” for the models, but when it comes to UNDERSTANDING women’s wear, my bachelorhood is massively on display…the top used in this shoot was a complete caution!

The shoot was a custom, and I bought the top for it. When the time came for the shoot, I fumbled with it, trying to get it ready to be worn…and fumbled with it…and fumbled with it…fumbled some more…finally, Ashley said a “Oh, let me have a look at it!” and had it ready to wear in seconds. It was inside out…or something. 😛

Ashley Sinclair for today.


There’s days when this job of mine is a complete caution.

I mean…when a buddy recommended me for this “Kidnapping For Hire” gig, I thought it’d be a breeze…now, I’ve grabbed this high-dollar executive from a function, tied and gagged her (at her request!) from a social function…geez, LOUISE, but the LEGS on this woman! The instructions were to take her, tie and gag her, and let her struggle until she gives the signal…it’s been 5 hours and no signal…

…other than her winking at me.

Sasha Fae for today.