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I’m gonna be quiet and just put up a few pics.  These are the ones I carry with me regularly on my iPhone…the best of the best.  ENJOY…and for pity’s sake, there’s a ton more of this kind of goodness available at my sites.  Whether it be tokens, membership site, Clips4Sale or what have you…go have a look!  You won’t be sorry!


CJ Molina



Pantera Noelle

CJ Molina

Shannon, kidnapped, bound and gagged secretary

Well, I wasn’t gone by choice, unfortunately.

My main computer gave up the ghost, so I found myself stuck on my laptop until the problem could be properly addressed…that happens tomorrow.

I get to go computer shopping tomorrow…YAY!!!  Ah, you can’t IMAGINE how happy I am now that I can FINA-FUCKING-LY get this dealt with.  Funding was a problem (doing a custom helped…please, if you’re interested, now’s the best time!), but now that I have enough spare bucks, I can go and look for a new baby to get online and edit my snaps with.  I’m looking for Vista, with a card reader accessable from the front, DVD capability (the kind that writes on the top of cd’s and dvd’s to mark what they are would be a nice bonus), and a powerful and hopefully fast machine.  Computers are a bit cheaper now (and the fact that I’m only really looking for the tower is a plus), so I’m expecting to find something nice.  Color me happy that I’ve finally passed the last hurdle keeping me away from doing this…and looking forward to going and setting it up tomorrow. 

Snaps when I get it together…


Oh.  My.  FUCKING.  God.

Y’all have NO idea…

I haven’t mentioned too much about myself personally here…well, you’re gonna get a LONG ramble tonight…lmao.    So, OK…I’m an optician at an eyewear store.  Basically, an “optician” helps you choose a frame after you get your prescription from the doc…helps you find a great look, and wades thru the nightmare that is “insurance” (that crap SCARES me…lol).  Today, was the be all, end all.  I barely got out of there alive…I’m still shaking a bit.

It was like a scientific expirement in sensory deprivation.  I was working at the second branch of our store, which is about 16 miles (45 minute drive each way) away from home.  Why?  How the fuck should I know?! (lol)  I just go where they tell me in this “reduce manpower, increase sales” economy.  Anyway, that store is dead…or at least it NEEDS to be.  Barely any customers came in all day.  Worst part was the two employees who normally work the store had the day off (again, don’t bother asking me why this was allowed…I just punch a clock there, tho I’d much rather punch a fucking supervisor…lol), so I was COMPLETELY ALONE ALL DAY!!!  9 hours of complete and total aloneness.  Just me, about a thousand pairs of eyeglasses, and 4 walls.

My skin began to crawl.

My eyes began to ache.

My heart yearned for a cardiac arrest.

Heck, I could’ve even dealt with a “bitch from hell” kind of customer yelling at me for no good reason (lol)…at least I’d have some company!!

The part that really ticked me off is that I was supposed to have some help.  Wouldn’t have needed it for customer relations, but it sure would’ve cut thru the boredom.  The gal I was supposed to work with is a sweet and very attractive 20-something.  Mind you, there’s no way in HELL I’d be able to invite her to pose for TucsonTied (if the subject matter offended her, she could easily have me fired), but she’s a sweet kid and I was looking forward to hanging out with her.  But nooooooooooooo…Tony doesn’t need any help running the store…and it’s not even MY FUCKING STORE!!! 

I don’t get it. 

I mean…when the UPS guy looks like a good conversation in the making, you KNOW you’re in trouble (lol)!!  I just don’t understand why this outfit allows both of the actual exployed members of this branch to be away from the building at the same time and expects us to clean up the wreckage and wet nurse their store for them. 

So…I tried to amuse myself all day with my iPhone (thank GOD I had that with me!) and maybe download a free app or two…but as it turned out, I had just changed my debit card, and I needed to update the information in my phone.  The only way I could do that…WAS TO BE AT HOME ON MY PC THERE!!!!  Mother fucker and a changed biscuit already…was somebody punching holes on a “Tony Voodoo Doll” with 9 mm hole punches?!

Breathe, Tony…BREATHE.  Ok…better now.  😉

The rest of the day went ok, I guess…fought rush hour traffic home and now I sit in front of my laptop after fixing the iPhone problem.  I downloaded a SWEET app called, “iGunPro” which gives you an AK-47, M-16, and a silenced MP5…unlimited ammo, and full automatic firing.  LMAO…I put up the AK , pushed the screen where the trigger was, imagined myself as Al Pacino, and just LET RIGHT THE FUCK LOOSE!

Ah.  Simulated violence against clear air.  Relaxed now.  😀 

We now return you to your regular bondage blog.