All posts for the day August 16th, 2009

Ah, I LOVE my new computer!!  Vista, on-board card reader, 6 Gb of memory, Pentium Processor…and a BLAZING fast fucker to boot!  Should’a fried my hard drive a long time ago…lol.

It’s an ASUS…new brand to me, but my “sister”, former model Angel, who’s a computer genius, tells me I did good in getting it.  Not a very “bondage-y” wallpaper just yet…still getting used to having it and taking in the “new car smell”…lol.

That’s a good shot of it…that’s a statue of Marvel Comic’s Thanos bearing the Infinity Gauntlet just under the screen and a “Hot Wheels” replica of the Batmobile from the first “Batman” flick off to the right.  I’m a comic book geek beyond hope. 😉

There’s a close-up of Thanos.  Of all the Marvel villains, I identify with him most.  Grandiose schemer, illusions of grandeur, and in many ways his own worst enemy who’s caused the undoing of his own schemes himself many a time.  Hmmm…wonder what that says about me?  (lol)

And here we have the Green Lantern…the PROPER Green Lantern, Hal Jordan.  This figurine came with the Best-Buy-bought version of the recent DC Comics DVD release of the movie, “First Flight”.  Hal always was my favorite Green Lantern…Guy Gardner and Jon Stewart were just pale comparisons.

I need to get a Spider-Man to balance this all out…I’m a MAJOR Spidey fan, and this desktop now seems almost wrong…lol.

Well, anyway…I need to get to the Sunday chores…trash needs a dumping, clothes need a washing, etc, etc.  Later, kids!!