All posts for the day August 20th, 2009

Doing the “assistant” thing today and working for my buddy Dave as videographer…best part is we’re working with Pantera.  I get to hang out with Pantera today…YAY!!  Should make out for a great day!

OMG! What is that HORRIBLE TucsonTied doing to me?! I like it!!

When Pantera, Dave and I get together, it’s guaranteed fun.  The three of us are like the “Three Musketeers”…or maybe the “Three Stooges” is more appropro.  😉  I got “Curly” nailed (bald and a…ahem…”larger” guy and all)…Dave’s the “bright” one, so I guess that’d make him “Moe”…and “Larry” never looked hotter…lol.

Her sense of humor is great too.  Dave was behind the camera, pushing me for a crotch rope…I was refusing, and she blurted out, “We can put one on YOU if you want, Dave…you can squirm around and have fun while you’re filming…” (Thankfully, he refused…lol.)  At my recent custom shoot, Dave was catching her putting on her makeup…she quipped, “Are we going to make you pretty this time, Dave?”  She’s a riot!  Although sometimes…

Hey!! YOU’RE the model here…I don’t need exposure!! 😉

If I remember right, I was finishing some above-the-knees ropework, getting on the floor to get underneath, and had just commented on how I feel like a mechanic under a car when I get in this area.  I then said that I was thankful that my shirt back didn’t seem to be riding up this shoot, exposing my lower back…she took care of that, dammit…lmao.  😀  Too funny!!

Let’s put it this way…if you’re so comfortable with someone that you wind up with them multiple times at multiple Denny’s restaraunt locations at 3 in the morning, you KNOW you have a good friend on your hands.  Love ya, girl!


My FAVORITE shot of Pantera Noelle and I